Absolute Freedom. It's not a novel, it's not exactly poetry - I Am - Absolute Freedom is the life journal of silviamick. It's a journey in modern culture through her analytical eyes; a quest for individual freedom; and an exploration of the ups and downs that accompany being yourself.

I Am - Absolute Freedom is more than just a life journal and personal story - silviamick offends, enlightens, infuriates, and encourages, unleashing a deeper level of thought within her readers. She throws political-correctness out the window with the rulebook as she offers her insightful thoughts on everything from love, sex, and marriage to drugs, violence, and structured religion.

Seasoned with classic quotes and song lyrics, including the words of James Joyce and Metallica, I Am is a book about being yourself. As silviamick examines the most valued aspects of modern culture and explores the fantasies that mold today's society, she discovers answers to some of life's most provocative questions. During her written journey, silviamick tests the limits of individualism and finds the ability to break free from stereotypical labels while urging her readers to do the same.

"For too many years, the image I had of myself was strictly connected to the opinions of the people who made up my daily life," silviamick stated in a recent interview. Her message is bold but simple - "Be nobody's puppet. Don't be scared of your greatness. Don't let your potential rot inside of you. Don't stop on the surface of things. Search your own meaning. Don't compromise. Kick the world's ass!"

I Am - Absolute Freedom is a powerful read, though it's "not for the faint of heart," according to Apex reviewer Heather Slocumb. "Her writing is sharp, her logic is seasoned, and her acerbically witty approach renders each of her points unforgettable - even if they ultimately offend you…(It) is a well-written, enjoyable read, highly recommended for those seeking real answers to the lingering questions that have beset them for far too long."

"This world needs a revolution," said silviamick. "You and I are the chosen ones." I Am - Absolute Freedom offers encouragement to break away from the expectations of modern culture and thrive on your own individualism. It's an amazing life journal chronicling the challenges, victories, and powerfulness that come with being yourself. I Am - Absolute Freedom isn't about changing the world; it's actually doing it.

Author's Bio: 

The 34-year-old writer currently resides in Rome, Italy and has plans for a second title in the future. I Am - Absolute Freedom is a life journal written to share the importance of individualism and being yourself from a straightforward, unapologetic point of view.