What are Angels and what is their purpose?

Before December 2000, if I had been asked that question, the answer would have been from a store of knowledge from my mind – pictures of human forms with wings, stories from the bible of Angelic visitations. But now I know the answer and the answer comes from my heart.

There is no prove that Angels exist and it is not to be proven, it is a personal experience that takes faith and trust.

Angels are beings of light, just like us, and yet the vibration of their energy is so high and so fast, that the Angels do not hold a physical form. When I first saw an Angel, what I saw was not a human from with wings but a shimmer of light, soft and gentle and yet so bright and beautiful. This is of course “Angel Energy.”

We all “see” Angels differently and the Angels explained that this is because we all “see” from different eyes. No one person is right or wrong in what they “see.” Not one person’s experience will be the same; it may be similar but not exactly the same. The feelings that we receive when we see or sense an Angel is of importance too. A great sense of calm, complete unconditional love, and blissful joy. These feelings tend to “envelop” you and I personally believe this is where the idea of wings came from.

Their mission on earth? Well again, this is an answer I did not have until I learnt to “listen” and to trust in all I was hearing.

More and more people are experiencing Angels, this is because of the way society has become, where “ego” has taken over and the “outer world” has become more important than the “inner world.” Sadly, many find themselves at the bottom of a large black pit of depression, grief, despair and not knowing the way out. The Angel’s light will guide you – trust me, I have been there.

The Angels desire to empower you to find out “who you truly are” and believe in yourself. The incredible journey of “I am” begins.

I would not be speaking my truth, if I said the past seven years has been full of sunshine and rainbows BUT I would not change it for the world. With commitment and determination from me, the Angels have been there to guide and support me and surround me in the love I needed to learn to receive. Life is not handed over to you on a silver plate. It is about forming a personal relationship with the Angels and Archangels, working together, to give you the life you desire and deserve - inside of you first – and then the outside.

Angels are loving and beautiful beings who wish to serve, guide, protect and empower you. They do not judge or criticize – any message that is not of love is not Angelic.

The Angelic Realm is not separate from you. Not one person is more special or gifted than another. We all have the gift to see, hear, feel and know all that is not of a solid form.

“The light the Angels shine is a reflection of the light and beauty you are” – A nine year old child with leukemia said to me, I could not have put it any better myself – So please I ask that you do not look outside of you anymore, the only search begins within.

Heaven Sent Wishes

Michelle Roberton - Jones

Author's Bio: 

Michelle Roberton - Jones is an Angel "Master" and mother of four based in the UK.

In December 2000, while severely ill in hospital, Michelle received an Angel visitation. A beautiful sparkling energy that offered to carry her to health, to strength and most of all to remind her of who she really was.

The light that shone in her hospital room that bleak winter's day has become her life's mission.

Michelle has dedicated herself and her life to share that gift of empowerment by assisting others to see the light and beauty that they truly are and shine.

As well as writing for children, Michelle holds the “space” of Sanctuary of Angels, a community of “like hearted” therapists and “teachers” offering self development workshops and courses for all ages. It is the mission of Sanctuary of Angels to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all to begin the journey of "I am" with the love, guidance and wisdom of the Angelic Realm.