The Four C’s of Emotional Intimacy

Emotional intimacy is a deep bond between a husband and wife that is occasionally defined as a soulmate connection. Along with spiritual, intellectual, and sexual intimacy, emotional intimacy is one of the building blocks upon which great marriages are built. Intimacy has four characteristics:

When couples are able to accurately convey their feelings to each other without intimidation, worry of reprisal, or embarrassment, they are on their way to relating within a context of acceptance. Let’s face it, this often requires learning better conversation skills, but the results are well worth any effort needed.

Caring is openness, honesty, and vulnerability to know and be known by others. Coupled with this caring is a sense of freedom to be completely ourselves, with no pretense, regardless of other people’s expectations. With this caring and freedom, a soulmate connection will naturally lead to understanding each other on a very deep level!

There is no better definition of emotional intimacy than a connectedness that exists when two people are enjoying the benefits of commitment and trust toward each other. Each is committed to the well being and development of the other; each fully trusts the other, and knows they are perfectly safe with each. It’s interesting to know at this point in a relationship the non verbal communication is every bit as valuable as the words that are spoken!

Common Values
Holding common fundamental beliefs and core values result in couples seeing and “feeling” the world in the same way. This mutual emotional perspective is seeing the world through the same lenses—a sure sign of a emotional intimacy!

Authentic intimacy in a relationship results in fantastic sex, a deep mutual understanding, and a marriage that scores "10 on the Richter Scale!"

Author's Bio: 

Jim Gordon has worked with children, families, and couples for more than 27 years. As a father of nine children, Jim and his wife, Carrie appreciate the value of families, and intimacy!
Jim was the Principal of a school for 20 years, and has served as a pastor for the last seven years.

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