A Document By Albert Einstein automatically written by me:

Keys and codes are found in the corners of the equation, not the center. Blatant logic does not apply when dealing with the unknown. Create a fuzzy theory and look for the peripheral, not the obvious in the middle. Think outside the box when you step into the quantum world.

The swirl of the galaxy shows the movements or vibration of all things in the universe. It is in that direction that you must embark on your journey. Lift the light, catch a star, follow it around and see where it lands or goes. There you will see the entrance to the world known as spirit.

Find the code that will allow you to turn the key to enter this multidimensional place where time, forward and back is nothing more than a state of mind. Keeping in touch with the past also moves you forward into the future where blatant theories do not apply. You must open your eyes wide to see the code; you cannot find it in the demonstrations of mediumship. Once you step into this other world, simultaneous overcast shall occur and you then will know where it is you need to go.

The creation of life is in many forms and is no accident. It is the combining of energies and high levels of vibration that you call God that creates matter from anti matter. The placement of this matter or life as you call it is based on need within both worlds. We must all continue to grow and progress or we shall terminate. That sir is the meaning we seek to preserve. The destruction of one world does not terminate us as we live eternal in many realms and physical forms.

The castration of demeanor shall be the deciding issue that determines our progress. It is time for the worlds to join, to become one, to be at peace with the universe and its mission and reason for being. Vast as the universe appears, it is only in the state of mind within, miniscule in comparison to our combined efforts of producing matter. It shall be with the power of self control that we harness as one that which is needed to move earthlings forward unto the intended course.

I shall burden you with the task of finding the code that creates the key that will allow you to enter the true world of spirit. It is right there in front of your nose, reach out, touch it, grab it, latch on in such a way that you can’t let go for it has a mind of its own and shall try to convince you otherwise.

Fear not, want not, need not, you have all that you need right now in the here and now to accomplish what is being asked of you. It is imperative that you lessen the resolve and expand the intellect. Let your hand flow free from those seeking to help from the other side and it shall be like a star burst right before your eyes. An enlightenment that you will think how did I not see it before, it is so simple, for it is.

Author's Bio: 

Leonard Feldsott, affectionately preferring to be called "Lenny", was born in New York in the mid-1940's. After an unusually challenging bi-coastal childhood, and three years of military duty, he settled in Southern California and currently resides in the Los Angeles area.
Lenny's early professional life was in the field of business and finance where he held a variety of positions ranging from Accountant to Investment Advisor/Manager.
A spiritual door opened for Lenny through his conversation with a medium. Since then, he has been receiving lessons and guidance through the spirit world on spreading the word of God, eternal life and the real existence in that life. Lenny's life and spiritual experiences are chronicled in his book entitled "A Spiritual Awakening".
Having always been sensitive to the spirit world, Lenny has received many psychic experiences over the years. God has gifted him with the ability to see, hear and share feelings with the spirit world. He has a unique ability to bring healing through his wonderful sense of humor, compassion for others and his desire to bring the word of spirit.
Lenny is an ordained minister, certified medium and commissioned spiritual healer. Increasingly, grief counselors and therapists employ mediums, like Lenny, to help individuals deal with death and help shorten the grieving process. If you are suffering the loss of a loved one or simply want to connect with someone on the other side, contact Lenny at: lenny@lennyf.com.