I recently was introduced to the Egyptian Healing Rods and was very impressed by the powerful amount of energy flowing from them. The rods were used in ancient Egyptian by only the Pharaohs and High priests. They were considered rods of healing, transformation and power. Many of Egyptian sculptures that were found by archeologists depicted the Egyptians holding these mysterious rods.

When the Egyptian dynasties ended, knowledge of the purpose and use of the rods was known only to a few secret mystical societies who kept their existence hidden until Count Stephan Walenski wrote a manuscript describing how they were made and used by the Egyptians for healing and self-perfection. In 1994 a Russia physics teacher V. P. Kovtun developed the first set of rods based on Count Walenski’s manuscript. He named them rods Kont after the Count. Russian researchers in the medical arena then began doing research on how the rods impact human health and well being. They found that the rods have had a positive effect on the following conditions:

  • insomnia
  • stress
  • fatigue
  • high blood pressure
  • arteriosclerosis
  • gastric distress
  • cancer tumors
  • …and many other illnesses

Each set comes with two rods, one made of copper and one made of zinc. The contents differ depending on what type of rod you use. The contents could be ferrous magnetic materials, ground quartzite, or stacked crystal points. After the rods are hand-made, they are put into a 72 or 144 foot pyramid in Russia. The pyramids’ shape in based on the golden mean ratio. The rods are charged in this pyramid chamber with the sacred energy infused into the rods, providing a higher vibrational frequency charge to the rods. According to the book, Decoding the Pyramids written by J Desalvo, Russia has built the most pyramids than any place in the world over the last two decades. Russian scientists are using these pyramids to research the impact that this conditioned space based on the golden mean ratio has on bacteria growth, baby’s formula, humans, etc. The scientist observed that extinct flowers began to grow around one of the pyramids that was built on an abandoned oil field.

The reason that I purchased my first set of rods was to provide a source of energy and balancing for myself after spending the day working on clients or teaching. It is so convenient to have something that assists me in keeping my energy at a high level. I incorporate the rods into my Qi Gong practice where it is appropriate. This intensifies the session. I also use the rods to take me deeper into my own meditation and spiritual practices. The rods have been a source of energy, spiritual exploration and have assisted me in releasing energy that has hampered my own spiritual development. After working with these rods for six months, I see them as not only tools of healing, but also as tools for ascension.

Many people use the rods for manifestation. The rods-crystals will magnify your intentions and assist in harnessing energy around manifest your dreams and goals. One manual states that the priests used the rods to step into the future and to create the future.

In Dr. Brian Weiss book Same Soul, Many Bodies, one of the regression sessions with his client reveals details of the use of the rods in ancient Egypt. The client says,
“I am a priest, a healer, one of a very few employed by the rich and powerful... My healing method involves the use of what we priests call energy rods. When the rods turned in precisely the right way, they emit healing sound vibrations and light frequencies…The art is secret. It involves energy and light and their accumulation, storage and transfer. …We have cured many diseases. And we are able to regenerate organs and limbs lost in battle - through the use of the rods.”

After using the rods for my own healing and development, I began using them on my clients to accelerate their physical, emotional, and mental healing and transformation. I use them in hands on sessions, in absentee healing sessions and in providing energy attunements. The feedback has been wonderful. I can really see how integrating the Egyptian Healing Rods into my own spiritual practice and into my holistic health practice has been very empowering on many levels.

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Dawn Fleming is a holistic health educator and practitioner with over 19 yrs experience. She is an author, lecturer, and intuitive healer. For more information about the Egyptian Healing rods, you can visit one of her two websites www.egyptianrods.com and at www.energytransformations.org/rods.html. Sign up to receive her free ezine and receive an ebook Shared Wisdom.