Do you, like many entrepreneurs, get caught up too easily in all the "latest and greatest" marketing tactics... but somehow fail to get the results promised? Keep reading to find out how to stay focused on what works!

It seems the very things that make you a successful entrepreneur – creativity, willingness to try new things, etc – are sometimes the very things that keep you from achieving all that you want.

This is especially true in an age when new marketing tactics are springing up faster than you can say “Pop goes the weasel!"

Pay-per-click, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Blogging, Vloggging, Podcasting, Squeeze Pages, Opt-in Forms, Slide-Ins, Hover Pops – the list of new marketing tactics is growing at an ever-faster pace.

Here are 3 tips to stay focused on marketing activities that work best for YOUR business:

Tip 1 – Pick 3 Marketing Activities

There are now literally hundreds, if not thousands, of tactics you can use to market your business both online and off. If you want to avoid being overwhelmed, I suggest you pick 3 and focus on learning how to do them really well.

Ideally you'll select a combination of online an offline tactics, but what you select should be specific to your industry and your specific business.

Tip 2 – Master Your Selections

Select marketing tactics that you already have some idea about – you know how to do them and you know that they work for your business – and then set about mastering them to gain the maximum amount of leverage.

Leverage in marketing tactics comes from producing a profitable campaign first, then leveraging the profits from the campaign to expand it and refine it even further. As you leverage each campaign up, your business will grow.

Tip 3 – Add New Tactics One At a Time

Once you have your three tactics running profitably month in and month out, you don't need to spend as much time refining and tweaking them (although you should always be watching them closely).

Then you can determine the next tactic you want to test out. You'll start implementing this by learning everything you can about and running some tests to see what results you get. Then you'll refine your tactics based on new knowledge and more data until you have a profitable campaign that you can leverage up again.

When you follow these 3 simple steps, you'll stay focused on marketing activities that work for your business, maximizing their return on investment and growing your business.

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From Paul Keetch – Co-Author of Make My Marketing Work

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