It comes as no surprise that an eczema diet designed to help in reducing dry skin should include adequate amounts of Omega 3 oil. Studies show that eczema sufferers are deficient in essential oils in their body. The deficiency can cause poor elasticity and formation of skin. As an eczema sufferer, you probably have dry skin that is easily irritated and prone to itching. Hence, in addition to applying topical oils on your skin, you may want to consider consuming Omega 3 to help you moisturize and lubricate from inside your body.

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid. Other than being necessary for the formation of healthy skin, this type of fatty acid is helpful for the smooth functioning of several different areas of your body. It can strengthen your nervous system, thus providing you with better brain functioning and lower stress levels. Stress is a major eczema trigger; that is the more stressed you are, the more your itch levels will intensify. With stress reduction benefits, this makes Omega 3 highly beneficial for your eczema diet.

Although it sounds like it can cause weight issues, Omega 3 fatty acid is a good “fat” to have. It does not add up to your cholesterol levels but helps to maintain it at regular levels. Support for bones, joints and formation of healthy hair are other benefits that you can derive from having Omega 3 in your eczema diet.

You can obtain Omega 3 oil in fish such as salmon and mackerel. You can also find Omega 3 oil in the form of flax oil. Nuts, especially walnuts, is another food item containing Omega 3 that you should add to your eczema diet.

You should try to obtain Omega 3 from natural sources of food as much as possible. To determine if you have consumed Omega 3 in adequate frequency and amounts, maintain a food diary and keep a record about your meals. Eczema sufferers are also likely to need a higher dosage of Omega 3; so it is in your best interest to check with your doctor what he recommends for you. If you are unable to consume enough of natural foods containing Omega 3 for some reasons, then consider getting a high quality supplement containing100% pure oil in it as an alternative.

Getting adequate amounts of Omega 3 in your eczema diet ensures proper nourishment for your dry skin and helping it with its elasticity and lubrication. You may already be applying lots of moisturizers and oil on your dry skin, to keep it moist. Do not overlook healing your skin from within.

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Evelyn Lim managed to heal herself with an eczema diet plan that she shares in her book, Eczema Diet Secrets. You can also gain access to free tips for eczema care here.