Many ebooks have titles that nicely describe the content it contains. But is that enough? Unfortunately, many ebooks with nice descriptive titles sit on someone’s hard drive collecting digital dust, and making very few sales. Describing the content of your ebook is not enough. If you want to drive sales of your ebook, you must use a title that entices viewers to see more. Use the techniques below to generate interest in your ebook.

1) Research keywords related to your ebook that people are currently using in their Internet searches. This is important because it tells you what people are interested in today. If your title satisfies that interest, you will attract buyers. There are several websites that provide this sort of up-to-date information.

2) The type of ebook you write is also very important in acquiring readers. The most popular ebooks solve a problem. The more severe the problem, the higher your sales. Spend some time in forums and determine what problems people are having. Provide a solution in your ebook. In many cases, adding a chapter or two on this subject to your existing ebook is all you need to do.

2) Certain words and phrases naturally attract attention. Make sure you use at least some of them in your title. Some of these attention-getting words are: secret, big, profit, and money. Of course, there are many others. One easy way to find them is to look at your junk email file. Search among the subject lines to see which ones jump out at you and write them down. Consider using some of those attention-grabbing words in your title.

By using the techniques above, you can make substantially more money with your ebook. Remember, your title must compel readers to go to your sales page. And of course, your sales page must covert buyers at an acceptable rate.

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