Brain fog. Fatigue. Exhaustion. We all have those no energy days when we just want to stay in bed all day. It is common to grow weary now and then. However, do you find that you are tired all of the time? Does your lack of energy have you feeling that you just cannot be bothered to do the things you usually enjoy? You cannot lead a happy, vibrant, and flourishing life when you are feeling drained. If you have constant sluggishness, your problem could be tied into your eating style and habits. Here are some tips on how to get involved in your eating and beat those no energy days:

1. Transform Your Eating Style
Food is a source of nourishment and its function is to produce energy and maintain life. However, it is not just important to eat good foods, it is important to eat in a manner that supports your life and joy. Have you ever stopped to notice your eating style? Do you really love food as much as you imagine? Do you allow the joyful energy of your life and the energy of food to connect and co-mingle? Consider what your eating style says about how much energy you allow for yourself. Take a moment and examine your attitude towards food. What are you eating? How are you bringing energy in? Here are a few examples of different eating styles to get you started:

• Gulp down your food in a hurry or eat on the run?

• Wolf down your food because you haven't eaten all day?

• Heap mounds of food on your plate?

• Put another bite into your mouth before finishing the last one?

• Shove food in quickly, often using your fingers and standing up while eating?

• Engage in emotional eating?

• Eat unconsciously without tasting, noticing, or savoring your food?

• Is your life over-scheduled and your eating style chaotic and haphazard eating?

• Member of the clean plate club?

• Careful eater - analyzing every morsel for health and weight?

• Skip breakfast and other meals, then eat all night?

• Professional dieter?

• Forbid sweets, but then eat them with a vengeance?

• Other ____________________________________

What does your eating style say about who you are, how much energy is available to you, and how you live life?

2. Cooking For Energy
Getting involved in cooking your own food keeps you energetically involved in the process of life. Eat at least two fresh, home cooked meals each week. When you cook, you realize that your life, your body, and your joy are a priority. You make the time for what is important to you. Cooking for yourself and enjoying the process activates both your own energy and the healing, invigorating energy available to you from food. The life energy of food is available to in part through digestion, but taken in through your senses. As you prepare the food, feel the food between your fingers, listen to the crunch of the fresh vegetables, and inhale the aroma of the meat sautéing. Breathe in all that food has to offer and take in the life energy of food that is in the colors, aromas, and sounds.

3. Be Grateful for Food and its Origins - from the Heart
How you eat is as important, if not more important, than what you eat. Food is more than just calories for the body. Food simultaneously connects you to life and spirit. To cultivate an attitude of gratitude, take a moment and be truly grateful for the life that both plant and animal based food gave so that you may thrive. Smile and appreciate this little moment of grace. To the best of your ability, feel gratitude for the meal you are about to eat. By opening up to it, you can fully experience it and receive the energy that energizes your body, mind, and spirit.

4. Eat When You Are Settled
Even foods that are supposedly good for you can leave you feeling unfulfilled and un-energized if you eat them in a chaotic, busy environment. If you talk on the phone, loose yourself in television, or conduct a business meeting over lunch, you eat without awareness. Eating well includes eating in pleasant surroundings and being calm, settled, and ready to eat. When you are eating, turn off the electronic devices and eat with someone you care about - even is that person is yourself. Set aside your other responsibilities and create relaxation and receptiveness around your eating. Slowing down and enjoying eating activates the energizing, vital feeling that food is able to offer. When you relax you can taste your food and listen to how your body is responding to the foods you are eating. Become aware of those responses and you will know what foods increase your overall satisfaction and energy.

5. Create Atmosphere
It takes more than just food itself to energize your life. The right atmosphere can help you relax and feel good. Atmosphere is made up of everything that makes an impression on you. Look at your furniture, decorations, music, lighting, orderliness, plates, and napkins. Notice the information you receive from your five senses about the "feel" of your eating area. Is your eating space clean, uncluttered, safe, and a place in which you can breathe and feel nurtured? Design an inspiring holistic eating atmosphere to fit your needs, tastes, and personality. Perhaps you feel more alive eating in a vibrant, colorful, and light-filled room. On the other hand, perhaps you need a quiet atmosphere, intimate with warm and gentle colors where you rejuvenate while eating. Also, give some thought to your furniture, making sure your table is the right size and that your chair is comfortable and inviting.

By slowly adopting these ideas, you will develop a new relationship with your food, with your body, and with energy itself. Wholesome eating is an act of love for life. When you eat with love and prepare your food with love, you will have more energy than you ever imagined possible!

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