The act of giving chocolate is one way of showing how a person values or likes another person. It tastes good, and can be quite expensive; so giving somebody a pricey brand of the edible is in some way saying that you love that person. We, as pet owners, love our dogs. Showing that we love them is important; but giving them chocolate isn't a good way of going about it. Feeding chocolate will make your dog sick. It contains theobromine, an ingredient that research and personal experience found to be poisonous to pooches. The gravity of effect on your pet will depend on how big it is, its age, and how sensitive it is to the intoxicating additive.

There exists a ratio of the theobromine consumption as compared to the animal's weight. The ratio goes something like “grams per kilogram of dog's weight”. But what's important is that you need to know that it can have bad effects on any pet that has consumed a lot of chocolate, and in some cases lead to the death of your pet. The smaller the pooch, the heavier the damage. Same goes for old doggies and ones with weak immune systems. How will you know if it has eaten chocolate? Symptoms. If somethings makes a dog sick, there will be signs that will point out whatever is making it sick.

If your pet has consumed small amounts, it will have loose bowel movements, also known as diarrhea. Minimal consumption of the toxin won't be much to worry about. But if it has eaten a lot it could be deadly. Aside from the first symptom stated above, it is possible for it to get a sugar rush. This means it will be very active and restless. Take note if there is a change in its “excitement behavior”. Once the body detects too much of something that shouldn't be there it will do what's needed to force it out. Another sign would be vomiting.

This is actually a good thing, because it expels some of the poison. The color of its vomit will be different from the average puke; so check it out. Look for traces of chocolates – an obvious sign would be shreds of a chocolate wrapper. When the intoxication has reached dangerous levels, it is possible for it to have seizures. If your pet displays any or all of the symptoms stated, then it's best to bring it to a veterinarian for immediate treatment. We all care for our beloved animals; when somethings makes your dog sick, it should be dealt with in its early stages.

Negligence isn't rewarded by something good, but by something bad. Avoiding the situation would be the best thing to do, because there isn't a vaccine for chocolate. Hide chocolates in areas that a dog can't get to. Don't give this as treat for your pooch as a show of love; think of alternatives. If you see wrappers around the house with bite marks on it, chocolate smothered on your dog's mouth, or detect a scent of sweetness in its breath, don't hesitate to bring it to the vet for treatment.

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The author of this article, Alex De La Cruz, is a Dog Expert who has been successful for many years. Because most people think that Arthritis is a humans-only disease Alex now informs dog owners with his Ebook on how to discover this disease and let their dogs live as pain-free as possible.