Procrastination is an issue every, and I mean every solopreneur, has to deal with, at least to some extent. In my business coaching practice I have not yet met a solopreneur who did not have an issue with putting things off, at least occasionally. So if you are struggling with it, don't feel bad, you're not alone. With that said, let's now move to how to deal with it effectively so it doesn't slow you down or stop you from going after your dreams.

If you find yourself putting off an important project, finding all kinds of excuses to start it later, and if you feel this has been going on for too long, here are some thoughts and tips to help you get out of the impasse:

1. Create positive energy around the project. Think how important the project you are putting off is to your overall success. Imagine having it finished and implemented and imagine how your business benefits from it. Let the positive vision of your success pull you forward.

2. Break it down. Big projects are usually overwhelming. Break it down to a few major steps. Then break it down some more till you get to manageable small steps you feel you can safely take. Organize your steps in the order you will approach them and you have your plan of action. Make a time commitment to work on these small steps, either so many hours a day, or so many times a week, whatever feels right for you.

3. Schedule time. Once you make your time commitment, block time in your planner to work only on the steps of your project. Don't allow yourself to do anything else in the designated time, no email checking, now looking at Dow Jones (this has become a popular distracting activity lately).

4. Eat that frog. That's the saying that straightens me out when I'm finding myself looking for excuses. The frog is the project you are dreading. When you eat it, it's gone, no longer on your list, no longer weighing on your conscious.

5. Reward yourself. Every step of the way reward your progress. Especially when you accomplish the steps that were difficult for you. Make a reward plan when you create your action plan. Simply think of a nice think for you to do when you reach each milestone of the project. The trick here is to actually do it and enjoy the rewards you planned.

So eat that frog and prosper.

Author's Bio: 

Margaret Moczkowski is a professional coach for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world and are confused or overwhelmed about a building a thriving business process right for them. As a holistic coach she blends proven business building and marketing processes with soul’s inspiration to create true success. Margaret’s website is