Thigh exercises with barbells, dumbbells and cumbersome machines. That's all you've been reading about before you got to this article. I know, because I've seen what you've already looked at before you came here.

It's one of the main reasons I chose to write this article. But, before I get into what you need to know about extremely effective and surprisingly simple thigh exercises you can do anywhere, anytime - without strenuous weights and dangerous exercise machines, I want to give you my experienced based perspective on the typical 'weights and machines - bodybuilder, weightlifter, old-school personal trainer' approach to fitness for women.

It's not the only way of doing something that can be done several other ways. And it's certainly not right for everybody. Fitness instructors and trainers are trained to teach people how to lift weights and use machines. This is fine - but it is just one element in the bigger picture of ways to pursue fitness.

Some of the most effective workouts for toning and shaping your thighs can be achieved with no weights and no equipment.

Factors such as bodyweight, gravity, speed of movement, form and sequence of exercises can be combined and coordinated to give anyone a targeted, results delivering lower body workout that is realistic enough to be a regular routine for any woman.

These elements, when followed on a consistent basis - as part of a regular fitness routine, combined with a wise nutritional intake that is in line with a woman's specific health and fitness goals can produce results that success stories are made out of.

The thigh area is loaded with a bunch of different muscles of various lengths, shapes and thickness. Additionally, the functions of these muscles are all different. However, they must all coordinate with each other to perform the many movements we are capable of.

By taking advantage of these anatomical factors, a complete workout routine of thigh exercises can be devised and implemented with results that are second to none. It doesn't matter if the goal is to lose unnecessary fat and cellulite while firming the muscles underneath or if the goal is to build up and add shapely muscle tone to a flat and scrawny hip and thigh area - the exercises are just as effective in both cases. The big difference in these two cases would be caloric intake.

If we take a female with forty seven pounds of extra body fat - mostly in the lower body, and we take another female who is very skinny, with no muscle tone - just some flabby skin and maybe some cellulite. The exercise routine can be almost identical - because the desired end results are almost the same. But because of the difference in starting points, there has to be a difference in caloric intake.

One promoting fat loss with muscle toning and the other promoting some muscle growth and shaping.

Both subjects are trying to improve the same areas of their bodies. They have the same muscles - and these muscles anatomically function the same in all humans - therefore the same thigh exercises can be utilized with success in both scenarios as long as the workouts become a consistent habit and nutrition intake is in line with long term fitness goals.

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