Everything in this world is made of energy. The computer in front of you, the chair you are sitting on, your very own body are all examples of energy. In our western society, we are often not taught about our system, let alone how to work with it for our own well-being. This easy energy exercise will teach you the beginnings of how to work with your own energy, run Universal energy and Earth energy, and how it feels to find your true center. When you find your true center, you are better able to function fully in this world, creating a life you love.

This energy exercise in finding your center can be done with someone reading the exercise to you while you close your eyes, or you can record it and play it back for yourself, or you can simply read along finding your energy center as you read.

The Energy Center Meditation
Close your eyes and take a deep, slow breath. Call yourself back from all the places you’ve recently been. Imagine that you can call all your energy back and that you are gathering yourself in the center of your head. Notice that if you’ve been thinking of someone a lot or worrying about something, your energy has not been working at 100%. Call yourself back now, into the center of your head, so that you have all your energy gathered. Intend that you are completely present, fully in your body.

Now, allow your energy to spread from the center of your head throughout your body, filling every cell. Let it swirl and flow to every cell, from the top of your head, down your neck and chest and stomach, through your arms and hands, down to your legs, feet and toes. Define the space around your body, about 18 inches all around you, with you in the center, and allow your radiant energy to pour into it, surrounding yourself with your own flowing energy. Notice your breathing and if it’s become more full and deep.

With your energy still swirling and flowing throughout your body and 18 inches outside your body, imagine that you can open up a space 18 inches above the top of your head to allow in pure loving Universal energy. Imagine and pretend that this Universal energy pours in, spiraling down from the heavens through your spine and continues all the way to the center of the earth. This Universal energy is a beautiful sparkly white or golden light that only carries the highest vibration of Universal love. This Universal energy is always available for you to call on for energizing or clearing, and certainly for being in your center.

As your energy and Universal energy is flowing and spiraling through and around you, open the bottoms of your feet to allow in pure grounding Earth energy. Earth energy is often a deep brown or green color, but you can imagine any color that is healing for you in this moment. Allow the Earth energy to spiral up from the center of the earth, meeting the Universal energy in and around you, continuing up all the way into the universe. Allow both Universal and Earth energies to keep a constant spiraling flow, keeping you grounded and protected. Feel and notice all three energies within and around you—your own full energy, the Universal energy, and the lovely Earth energy.

Now that you are running your energy, you are fully connected to your Source, to your flow. To feel your center, imagine that the space you’ve defined outside your body goes from 18 inches and expands out to 5 feet outside your body, with you in the exact center of it. Imagine it is a bubble 5 feet all around you, above you, below you, in front of you and behind you. You are always in the exact center.

Now let your bubble grow to 10 feet. Feel the expansion and your fullness. After a few moments, let it grow to 20 feet. You are still in the exact center. The Universal and Earth energies are still spiraling through you. Let your bubble go out to 50 feet. Feel the expansiveness. You are connecting to the flow and Source of all. You are the center of the universe. Breathe in the essence of All That Is.

From this expanded state of consciousness, connected to the flow of Source energy in your center, you may ask any question and receive all answers in this centered state. Allow the answers to come when they will. Remember to breathe.

Begin to come back by allowing your bubble to come back to 20 feet all around you. Then let it come back to 10 feet around you, getting closer. Let it come in to 5 feet all the way around you. Finally, allow your bubble to rest comfortably 18 inches around your body, above, below, in front of and behind you. Feel yourself protected and whole, grounded and energized, and prepared from your center for the world of possibilities surrounding you!

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