I recently began working with Sandy (not her real name). She came into counseling for eating disorders and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The first time that we met I discussed EFT with her. At that time, she was resistant to using EFT and states that she had tried tapping before and did not like it. Since my place is to be a support for her, I let it go at the time because my intent was to develop rapport during our first session. She said that she just wanted to talk.

At our second session, Sandy states that she has had a clogged ear for the past two weeks. In my mind I thought that this might be an opportunity to introduce EFT with her. She states that she was feeling like she was disassociating in our session and I offered to show her some grounding exercises to help her be present. We did the first exercise and she was feeling better. I then asked her if she would like to be able to relax even more. I acknowledged that she did not want to try EFT the first time we met, but that it might help to relax her. I suggested we do the tapping without saying anything. Sandy agreed to give the tapping a try. We tapped on all the points including the liver point, inside of the wrists and top of the head. She agreed that helped to relax her.

Sandy began to tell me about her clogged ear. I asked her if any event might have occurred prior to her ear becoming clogged. She mentioned that a woman was being rude and yelling at her. I told Sandy that the tapping might help to clear her ear. She rated her right ear at a 10 on a 0 to 10 scale with 10 being the worst.

Even though I have a clogged right ear I deeply love and accept myself

Even though this woman was yelling at me and I wanted to tune her out, I deeply love and accept myself and appreciate my body for taking care of me

Even though I clogged my right ear to shut out being yelled at, I deeply love and accept myself and realize that I am now in a safe place

Eyebrow: This clogged ear

Side of eye: I didn’t want to listen to this woman yelling at me

Under eye: I drowned out this woman’s yelling by clogging my ear

Under nose: I tuned out this woman by clogging my ear

Under lips: I have let this woman have free rent in my ear

Collarbone: I am choosing to evict this woman from my ear

Under arms: I can open my ears because I am now in a safe place

Liver Point: I appreciate my body taking care of me and choose to drain my ear

Inside of left wrist: I held onto the fear from this woman for too long

Inside of right wrist: I will release this woman from my ear when I am ready to because I am in a safe place now

Top of head: I appreciate my body taking care of me and know that I am a good person

After that round, her clogged ear dropped from a 10 to a 7. She was really surprised that she was feeling better and felt something “pop” in her ear during the tapping. Sandy then stated that this person, Diane, works at the pharmacy and she is afraid to see her again. We then tapped on seeing this woman again. This time we focused on appreciating her body for taking care of her and statements that would be empowering for her.

Even though Diane was angry and rude to me and I tuned her out, I choose to remain safe and confident when I go to the drugstore

Even though I am angry that Diane embarrassed me, I know that I stood up for myself

Even though Diane is an angry woman, I can choose to deal with other people at the pharmacy

We continued to tap reminder statements along the points. After that, Sandy states that her ear was not clogged anymore. All that remained was an itch. Sandy felt that when she was ready to go to the pharmacy again, she could go with respect and knowledge that she knows how to take care of herself. People are very resilient and develop skills to help deal with stress. Often our body’s protect us from stress and other difficult emotions. Being able to teach people about this connection with EFT helps them to become more aware of their process. EFT is an easy technique that they can use anytime necessary.

Author's Bio: 

Loren Fogelman is the co-owner of Kolpia Counseling. Her education includes a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters in Community Counseling. She is an Oregon Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and an advanced certified EFT practitioner. Since 1984, Loren has been working as a therapist. Her experience includes Mental Health units in hospital settings, schools, residential and outpatient treatment programs. Her specialties include addictions, chronic conditions, trauma, and spirituality. Loren’s goal is to help people reach their peak potential, whether personally, professionally or in sports performance. “Part of my approach to counseling involves energy work using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT is the most effective, gentle, yet rapid method for personal growth I have ever found.” Maintaining a sense of safety while working on issues is a priority. EFT focuses on perceptions and helps to change negative beliefs into positive ones. EFT has the ability to clear emotional traumas without additional anxiety and to remove physical pain. Contact www.kolpiacounseling.com for a free consultation.