In an episode of South Park - the “grown-up” cartoon that points out absurdities our society - the Underwear Gnomes were sneaking into Butters’ bedroom at night and stealing his underwear. The children captured a gnome and got him to take the them back to the gnomes’ underground lair. There were huge stacks of plundered underwear piled high by multiple conveyers with factory-like precision.

Kyle had to ask, “Dude, why are you stealing all this underwear?”

The Underwear Gnome replied, “It’s part of our three step plan:

“Step 1: Steal a lot of underwear.

“Step 3: Make huge profits.”

“What is Step 2?” asked Kyle.

“We haven’t worked that one out yet.”

Using the Law of Attraction to manifest abundance works the same way. It is a three step process.

Step 1: You ask for what you want.

Step 2: The Universe creates it.

Step 3: You receive it.

Like the case of the Underwear Gnomes, you don’t have to know how the Universe is going to create that which you have asked for. You merely need to receive it. The problem is that many of us “have to know” how the Universe is going to do it. Or we try to tell the Universe how to make it happen. If we don’t know how, then we don’t believe it can happen. If we don’t believe, we can’t receive.

Alex is self-employed in a service business and cannot leave his home due to a disability. He was working with me to increase the number of clients he was able to attract and to develop a network marketing business. Because of this disability, he had to learn to trust the Universe more than most of us do and it was a struggle for him. At the same time, he always found a way to provide for his children’s education. However, this year he only had about 40% of the funding he needed to keep his two kids in college. But he insisted on working on getting clients to come to him.

Later that week I got a phone call. Alex had told one of his clients about his shortfall. The client had both resources and the mechanism to fund the balance of his kids’ education. Alex was having difficulty getting clients, but in a few days, with almost no effort, had manifested $30,000 for his kids from an unexpected source. He knew his kids’ education had always been taken care of in the past, so he did not worry about how it was going to happen.

The fundamental principle of the Law of Attraction is that what we emotionally resonate with becomes our reality. Alex resonated with funding his kids’ education, but did not resonate with bringing in more clients. He simply knew that getting clients, because of his disability, would be tough.

When our early attempts at purposefully using the Law of Attraction fail, we create elaborate reasons why it didn’t work. We dive into a sea of thoughts and emotions that justify to ourselves why we are defective. We become convinced that it is our deficiencies that caused us to fail and we begin a journey of working through our deficiencies. Once our deficiencies become the focus of our attention, the Law of Attraction kicks in and grants us evidence to support our theory that we are deficient and defective.

EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, is great for working through this emotional labyrinth. Indeed we need to quell the powerful emotions we evoke when we look at the events that cause us to think and feel the way we do. If we don’t do this, we will continue to vibrate sub-consciously with our negative feelings and attract the negative results in harmony with this vibration.

However, at some point, we need to break away from this journey into what is wrong with us and start seeing what is right about ourselves and seeing ourselves as the powerful creators that we are. We have, in fact, very successfully created all the things that we don’t want without trying very hard at all. We can create those things that we do want just as easily.

Dr. Pat Carrington has created a powerful EFT exercise called the “Choices Technique.” The idea of the technique is that you take one of your core beliefs or decisions that no longer supports you and change it into a belief that does. [If you are unfamiliar with the EFT tapping process, please download my free 15-page eBook, The EFT Quick-Start Method]

The first step is to take our core belief and transform it into a statement that is more supportive.

For example if we believe

My low self-esteem keeps me from attaining my goals.

we can transform it to

Occasional thoughts of low self-worth have nothing to do with what I can create.

This gives us the basis for our set-up phrase which is a combination of our past belief and our new choice.

Even though I believed that my low self-esteem kept me from attaining my goals, I choose to believe that my occasional thoughts of low self worth have nothing to do with what I can create.

This is what we would say as we tapped on our karate chop point.

The actual tapping is done in three rounds. In the first round, we tap on the negative statement to release the emotions associated with it.

I believed my low self-esteem keeps me from attaining my goals.

In the second round, we tap on the new choice to establish it in our consciousness.

I choose to believe that my occasional thoughts of low self worth have nothing to do with what I can create.

In the third round, you alternate. For instance, tap on the eyebrow with

I believed my low self-esteem keeps me from attaining my goals.

Then tap on the side of the eye with

I choose to believe that my occasional thoughts of low self worth have nothing to do with what I can create.

It is important to make sure you have an even number of tapping points so that you always end on the positive choice statement.

By tapping on this choice technique a minimum of three times per day for three weeks, you will begin to establish a new pattern of thought. You can work on more than one core belief at a time, but it is probably not a good idea to try to do too much at once. A good plan might be to have three core issues that you are working with at any given moment. Start with one issue, then a week later add a second and the week after add a third. As one old pattern fades add another so that you are continually focusing on only three issues at a time.

A road block that might arise is that our suppressed issues that we hide from ourselves, might be the very ones that we need to work on the most. It may be a good idea to hire an experienced EFT professional to help you uncover the core issues to change. Personally, I trade sessions every week with another practitioner. She is often able to see inconsistences in my thoughts that I can’t see.

As our core issues begin to drop away, it becomes increasingly easy to manifest using the Law of Attraction because we are less and less likely to sabotage the process. Keep your focus on the end goal. The truth is, you can manifest your goals in spite of all the obstacles you put in your own way. The Underwear Gnomes got it right. Just ask and receive. Let the Universe sort out the how.

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Chip Engelmann has been a writer and educator in the field of nutrition and natural health for 14 years. For much of that time he and his wife Julie owned a vitamin mail order company and retail store in Indiana, Pennsylvania; then Chip went on to become a nutritionist and holistic iridologist. He was continuing his naturopathic studies when he discovered EFT in 2006.

Chip soon began to use EFT in his practice, and his work with clients convinced Chip that the benefits of EFT are widely needed. Chip’s EFT practice then expanded to serve clients across the United States and Canada via phone sessions.

To help people reap the benefits of EFT while learning more about it, and to maximize in-session time with clients, Chip wrote this book, The EFT Quick-Start Method.

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