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Lauren Miller had spectacular success using EFT for her stage 3 cancer. She shares her story (and EFT methods) in this article. Please note that while only one successful EFT session launched this remarkable remission, it was her persistence that kept the ball rolling.
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By Lauren Miller, EFT-ADV
Website: 2loveandbeloved.com
At 38 years old, with three young children while going through a divorce, I was diagnosed with stage three, grade three, Invasive Ductile Carcinoma. I was told that I had a 50% chance of survival. I found myself rolling around on my floor crying out to God while I beat my fists on the floor in shock, refusing to believe that I had cancer. Even though I was a personal life coach and second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I could not fight or coach my way out of this diagnoses.
I was told by the men in the white coats (doctors) that I had a 50% chance of survival. So, in less than a two year period, I have endured 16 chemotherapies (including the “Red Devil”), a double mastectomy, 6 weeks of daily radiation, one year of Herceptin infusions, monthly shots in my stomach (to stop my estrogen production) along with a daily estrogen inhibitor. Even after ALL of this treatment I am told by the doctors that I am in the THIRD highest group for a recurrence ... out of four groups.
I started EFT just after my first two rounds of “AC” Chemo, otherwise known as the “Red Devil”. Why? Because it’s bright red and it hits you like the devil. I suffered from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and whenever I saw red I got sick to my stomach … along with an abundance of anxiety. I tried acupuncture, counseling and cognitive- behavioral therapy to no avail. I was then hooked up with an EFT therapist and after one phone session I was cleared of all symptoms. I started my own EFT training that same week and my whole life turned around … physically and emotionally. There are more concrete examples of this “turn around” listed below.
So the question hits me daily: Although those "white coats" tell me that I am in the third highest group for recurrence ... what do I say now?
I say that I never "had" cancer ... cancer never "had" me. The cancer simply woke me up and helped me remember who I am ... Not how others have defined me but who I say I am. By reclaiming my identity, using EFT as my portal ... erasing my internal wall that contained numerous false statements given to me by other people and circumstances in my life that I allowed to define me ... I began to "tap" myself back to myself.
Here's the bottom line - I forgot who I was and therefore I farmed out the power to define "me" to the world around me. EFT is the tool that I used (and continue to use daily) to collapse all of the trapped negative energy around my distressing memories and experiences that I was storing in my body. It was as if my body was saying, "Hey woman, if you don't come back and reclaim, honor, love and accept DEEPLY all that you are and always have been underneath all of this unresolved dis-ease, we are OUT OF HERE".
So I thank my body daily for waking me out of my slumber ... the slumber of self denial. Jesus said so eloquently, "love your neighbor ... as yourself". EFT hits on that truth every time I do the set up statement: "EVEN THOUGH I (state my challenge), I DEEPLY AND COMPLETELY LOVE AND ACCEPT ALL OF ME." So I have stumped my "white coats" again and again and again and again using EFT.
1. Even though I lost all of my hair, I deeply and profoundly love and accept all of me ... including my bald head!
Reminder phrases: bald, my baldness, NO HAIR, COMPLETELY BALD, not even a SHADOW, am I a man or woman? Casper the Ghost, Star Wars, Alien? It is crucial that I give myself permission to be right where I am at.
I always follow each round with a positive choice round:
I choose to come up with creative ways to celebrate my baldness!
I choose to feel beautiful!
I choose to experience an abundance of freedom in my baldness!
I choose to attract beauty into my life today!
I choose to see myself from my soul out with all of its beauty, courage, strength, fortitude and love!
The Outcome: after losing all of my hair after the first two rounds of chemo (not doing any EFT), it started to grow back after the fourth round and after the 16th round I walked into my first radiation treatment and my Doctor asked if I was wearing a wig ... NO it was all mine!!!!! She said in all of her practice, she has never witnessed hair growth with the kind of chemo that I received! Give it up for EFT!!!!
2. Even though these "white coats" have told me that I can have up to 50 different side effects from this medication (or treatment), I choose to love all of me and to accept all of the positive energy and benefits from this substance!
Reminder phrases: I specifically name the medication or treatment I was taking. Example: Aromasin, Aromasin, Aromasin ... for a full round. Then I would do a round on my positive choice:
I choose to surprise myself with an over abundance of mental calm and focus.
I choose to embrace the positive benefits of Aromasin and give my body permission to let go of everything else. I would get very specific with some of the side effects.
The outcome: I have gone through 10 surgeries, 16 chemos, 6 weeks of radiation, 1 year of herceptin, tomoxifin, aromasin. Other than my initial hair loss, some scarring and darker skin tone (which looks excellent in light of how burned my skin was due to the radiation/herceptin combination). I am completely symptom free and have been throughout all of my treatments. If I thought I felt a symptom, I was all over it with EFT. I can honestly say I feel stronger and healthier than ever before in my life. My energy level continues to amaze me daily.
3. Even though I have lost all sensation on my chest because of the double-mastectomy, I DEEPLY and COMPLETELY accept all of me and my feelings around this … AND I CHOOSE to restore and reconnect ALL of my nerves in my chest area. I give my body permission to do what it needs to do to RESTORE my sense of feeling throughout my entire chest area!
Reminder phrases: Nerve damage, nerve damage, disrupted nerves, confused chest wall nerves, traumatized chest nerves, nerve disconnect, stressed numb nerves, nerve damage.
I follow up with a choices round and often another round of alternating between my nerve damage and then my choice.
Even though my nerves were damaged in the surgery I CHOOSE to unleash complete nerve restoration throughout my entire chest wall.
Even though I can’t feel my chest I give my body permission to reconnect and restore every nerve in my chest area, I choose complete restoration of my Milan sheaths and all parts of my nerves in my chest area.
The Outcome: I have about 80% of all feeling in my chest area restored … and I am still going for 100%
4. Even though I am breast-less, I DEEPLY AND COMPLETELY LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF ANYWAY AND I CHOOSE to see myself as a Beautiful warrior that has emerged from battle and I have WON!
Even though I have these scars all over my chest, I choose to see them as physical examples of my spiritual truth: I am a victorious beautiful, courageous, strong woman who shines brighter than ever!
Even though I stand before this mirror bald and breast-less, I accept every feeling and emotion around this experience with abundant love, respect and acceptance of all of me. I choose to look into my eyes and define myself by the radiant beauty that flows from my heart even more abundantly now than ever before in my life. Round: Bald and Breast-less, the mirror's definition of me, bald, breast-less, androgynous, stripped of my femininity, Bald, breast-less, Yoda, ET.
I follow with a round of my choices: I choose to feel beautiful, I choose to feel courageous, I choose to forgive myself and anyone else that has contributed to my baldness and breastlessness, I choose to celebrate and honor my soul's beauty, I choose to have an abundance of creativity as I come up with different ways to see myself as beautiful, I choose to respect and honor my body, I choose to vibrate with the frequency of gratitude and love and I choose to send this to my beautiful body ... every cell, I choose complete restoration and abundant health all the way down to my DNA!
The Outcome: I recognize, love, accept and honor my beauty ... the essence of my true inner beauty now more than EVER in my entire life. I celebrate "me" and my courageous "earth suit" (that so beautifully contains my soul) every moment I am blessed with breath. Yes my hair has grown back and I have some as-semblance of "breasts" that have been reconstructed yet my identity is not attached to them anymore. I have a profound sense of well-being and self-esteem.
5. Even though those "white coats" have told me that I am in the third highest group for recurrence I DEEPLY and COMPLETELY love and accept all that I am. I choose right now to validate and honor my body's ability to unleash and restore abundant health and restoration to every cell in my body.
Reminder phrases: Third highest group, third highest group, recurrence, recurrence, fear around recurrence, fear, fear, fear, recurrence fear.
I choose to give my body permission to heal every cell in my body.
I choose to feel an abundance of confidence and self-esteem.
I choose complete health and restoration of my body,
I choose to experience more strength and health within my being than ever before in my life!
I choose to accept and celebrate everything that promotes the health and restoration of my body!
Outcome: Not a sign or hint of any recurrence. I feel more focused, energized and stronger than ever in my life.
EFT has truly led me into the emotional experience of accepting and loving all of me … not to mention all of the physical healings … For this I am eternally grateful. As long as I walk this earth, I am committed to being a channel of this gift to as many souls as possible.
With Love and Gratitude for Life,
Lauren Miller Koslosky EFT-CC, EFT-ADV
EFT Practitioner

Author's Bio: 

January 10, 2006... At 38 years old, Lauren was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma grade three, stage three breast cancer. She has undergone 16 chemos, 30 rounds of radiation, a double mastectomy, continued reconstruction, and regular herceptin treatments. Lauren grew up in Long Island, New York and moved to Colorado after she graduated CU in Boulder with a Journalism/Psychology degree. She is a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and was a personal trainer for her Faith and Fitness business for five years. She holds a teaching degree, and has been public speaking over the last 5 years. Lauren is an Advanced EFT Practitioner. It is the one therapy that produced instant relief emotionally and physically during her divorce and cancer experience. In addition to her EFT private practice, she leads monthly EFT workshops on a variety of topics from self-esteem to phobias and addictions. Lauren lives in Colorado with her three children. She is in the process of writing and publishing two books. In addition to writing she enjoys meditation, dancing, fly fishing, hiking, golf, horseback riding, reading and embracing the present moment.