Knowing how you feel, having personal power, managing anger, being creative, focusing on your strengths and having Intentionality - these are all emotional intelligence competencies.

1. You can never go down, never go down, never go down the

2. You can stop when you want to, stop when you wish.

3. There's something deep inside that helps us become what we can.

4. When the whole wide world seems oh so wrong and nothing you do seems very right, you can punch a bag, pound some clay, or round up friends for a game.

5. What a good feeling to feel like this and know that the
feeling is really mine.

7. A girl can some day be a woman, and a boy can some day be a man.

6. You know, playing at the computer's different from watching a television program. You can bring your own ideas to whatever happens on the computer, and your ideas are special. So are you!

7. Some are fancy on the outside, some are fancy on the inside. Everybody's fancy, everybody's fine. Discovering each one's specialty is the most important learning.

8. If you've got a plan, now's the time to try it.

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