One of the surest paths to personal growth and well-being
is expressing yoursel. You can do this through journaling,
but there's a more fun way: write articles for the Internet.

The web is hungry for information! Webpublishers looking for content for their websites and ezines and you could have just the material they're looking for.

As I say in my ebook, "How to Write Articles for the Internet," if you can write a grocery list you can write an article. You don't have to write like a novelist; just be able to get your ideas across.


· Something you know how to do-from potty training a
toddler to weathering a crisis to Internet marketing to web
design. You don't have to be an expert-there will always be people ahead of you, but also behind you.

· Write about a self growth issue and what helped you.

· Tell us how you solved a problem. I'm a coach and I
can't find a headset that works. When I get it figured out, I'll share what I learned.

· Tell us how to navigate holidays and events. These
life happenings add another "job" to our already busy lives.

· Interview someone of interest to you and turn that
into an article.

· Humor, anecdotes, and quotations.


· accepts a wide range of
articles-self help, marketing, business, home and family,
Christian, news, how-tos.
· even has a "rant and rave" section.
· and need articles about personal development.
· accepts articles about home and small business.
. takes Top Tens and quotations.

When you write, it helps you organize your thoughts and feelings and you give other people valuable information at the same time, so express yourself!

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Susan Dunn helps clients maximize their lives. She is the author of "How to Write Articles for the Internet" Visit her on the web at and for FREE Strengths course and FREE ezine.