Want to be more intuitive? From an extensive study of intuitive people reported by Belleruth Naparstek in "Your Sixth Sense," this is what the highly intuitive person is likely to look like.

1. A woman over 40 with an advanced degree in one of the mental health professions.

2. Says she was born with psychic ability and can point out a parent or grandparent who displayed a lot of it too.

3. Bilateral dominance (two-handedness or two sidedness).

4. An only child.

5. A night owl who sleeps very little with frequent sleep

6. Talent and experience in one or more of the arts.

7. Slightly dyslexic or else an exceptional student and
sometimes both. Greater than average chance of having a
photographic memory or total recall.

8. Lots of experience as a mediator--formally or informally.

9. Tendency to experience phases of temporary endocrine system dysfunction (thyroid gland, adrenals).

10. Great need to spend time alone or in nature on a regular basis.

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