Remember your Optimism rules: Attribute bad things to something that isn't permanent, pervasive, or personal. Attribute good events to things that ARE permanent, pervasive, and personal.

Learned Optimism is the emotionally intelligent way to reduce stress, live longer, be healthier, recover faster, achieve more, and enjoy it all more.

1. When the turkey burns say "The oven thermostat was broken," not "I'm a bad cook."

2. When you get lost on the way to the Hanukkah celebration say "My friend gave me bad directions," not "I have no sense of direction."

3. When you miss the office Christmas party say "Sometimes I forget to check my appointment calendar," not "Sometimes my memory fails me."

4. When you host a great Christmas Open House say "I'm a great hostess," not "I was particularly charming that night."

5. When you get a holiday gift from someone unexpectedly say "I'm a popular person," not "I must be attractive to her."

6. When you get a great holiday bonus say "I'm a great employee," not "My boss was in a good mood."

7. When the office holiday party you chair turns out to be the best ever say "I kept a close watch over everyone's work," not "Everyone devoted a lot of time and energy to it."

8. When you forget to get a gift for your secretary say "I was preoccupied with other things," not "I'm not good at remembering Christmas gifts."

9. When the gift you buy your spouse doesn't please him or her say "He/She has very picky taste," not "I don't put enough thought into things like that."

10. When you gain weight over the holidays and can't lose it say "The diet I tried didn't work," not "Diets don't work in the long run.

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