If you’ve been reading about Emotional Intelligence, the Catch-22 has probably occurred to you: Since EQ begins with self-awareness, the people who have the worst EQ are also going to be the worst at assessing their own.

Top EQ performers, said Daniel Goleman, Ph.D. (author of “Emotional Intelligence”), overestimate their competencies vs. how others rate them in only 1 of 20 categories. Worse performers overestimate in 4 or more out of the 20.

You can see the self-awareness working here! Or not.

So how can you tell how good your Emotional Intelligence is?
You can
· Judge from your levels of stress and tension. If they’re high, your EQ is low.
· Judge your general level of satisfaction. Raising your EQ does more for your success, health, and happiness than just about anything else you can do for yourself – and it can be learned.
· Ask a certified EQ coach.
· Take an assessment.

Asking others, or even listening to others, isn’t helpful. Suppose you’ve asked someone with low EQ to comment on yours? You’re asking someone who doesn’t have something to tell you what yours is like!

Major assessments include the EQ-Map™, the MEIS™, and the Bar-on EQ-i™. Each assessment has its good points, and all assess your level of emotional intelligence. There is a fee for each, and the results should be interpreted by a certified EQ coach.

There are also free emotional intelligence assessments on the Internet – http://www.susandunn.cc/assessments.htm .

The best course of action is to take an assessment, then start The EQ Foundation Course©, and work with a certified EQ coach. The EQ Learning Lab™ then allows you the opportunity to practice your new competencies in a safe, interactive atmosphere – live, by teleconference once a week. It’s the crucial link in the process that most emotional intelligence programs haven’t included.

Distance learning courses and eBooks are also available on the separate competencies.

Pretty soon you’ll be using your “gut feelings”, your Intuition, an EQ competency, to just “know” what your EQ is and you’ll enjoy the benefits in every area of your life.

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