1. Get caught up on all details requiring thoughtful attention so you can devote your attention to her and to the moment.

2. Check to see what movies and attractions are in town, and schedules for amusement parks, skating rinks, library, Sunday School, etc. Check newspaper and with friends for “kids eat free” specials. Schedule special hair or nail appointment.

3. Check the newspaper and retailers for free or discount coupons.

4. If you have children in your neighborhood plan the weekend at home, and your activities for during the week.

5. Communicate with her parents to make sure proper clothing and appropriate toys arrive with her.

6. Check on essential routines (naptime, bedtime), medicines, clothing, food preferences, hygiene rules, etc.

7. Probably life is about to become more active, less efficient, messier (and more joyous). Consider your shoes and wardrobe for this time.

8. If you’re self-employed, schedule your workload so you can do more routine things during her visit.

9. Prepare for emergencies. Familiarize yourself with nearest hospital and pediatrician’s office in case of emergency. Stock syrup of ipecac, caladryl, benadryl, bactine, bandages, and children’s aspirin or acetaminophen.

10. Childproof the house. If she’s under 6, remove anything breakable, sharp, or dangerous (think of anything airport security would remove from your purse!), put away anything that looks like food but isn’t, lock low cabinets and use safety plugs for outlets. If she’s 6 or older, remove your items for their safety. Make sure you know where your digital camera is (not near the water faucet) and your Baccarat statue (not on the coffee table).

And send the nasty dog to the vet.

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