Very few today realize the power they could harness if they invested some time in their dreams. I have kept a journal for over 30 years and some startling realizations and practical insights have been given me through my dreams. Dreams give us a 360% viewpoint around a problem, and a deeper, more penetrating insight into life then those who use only their intellect.

In a recent dream, I was given a wonderful insight into a long time problem with self-esteem.

A successful friend, Jane and I are with Oprah. We aren’t there necessarily to promote our businesses, but to spend some time with our dear friend, Oprah. I get concerned when I realize I’m not wearing any shoes and go off to look for them while Jane and Oprah head backstage together. When I return to the backstage entrance, the show is about to go on. They ask if I am one of the contestants who will be tested on the show by a guest who is using a health machine which monitors your health.

When I tell them I’m a friend of Oprah’s they let me back stage. Oprah is having her makeup done, and Jane and I wait for her. I look down to see some shoes on my feet, an ugly pair of beige pumps. I’m not sure how they got there.
In real life, Jane has a very successful health business. She uses a number of machines to test people’s health and is a very motivated person who will stop at nothing to succeed.

Later I mentioned the dream to a friend who knows Jane. He gave me some great advice. “You don’t see yourself. You are giving away your power to the idea of needing bells and whistles to show others who you are. Just be yourself. You are enough.’

I often meet those who are caught in an endless loop of preparation and so focused on their resume, marketing, branding, or getting another skill or new business cards, etc. yet they never seem to move foreword.

They seem stuck in a holding pattern and are looking for ‘that thing’ which will give them the credibility they feel they lack.

Although, I didn’t finish high school, I’ve always found a way to do what I love and have often been asked by others with far more education, “How did you get a job like that?”

I’ve never let my lack of skill or education stop me. I have been guided by my dreams since childhood and the most valuable gift I’ve recently been given is the gift of self-worth. Without that we are simply a talking head, a puppet and a profiteer. All our value comes from a divine place, just for the fact we were born, we deserve a rich, successful life.

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Darlene Montgomery’s work as a dream expert, Spiritual Life-Coach and author centers on directing others to their spiritual purpose. The focus of this work teaches the importance of developing a relationship with the spiritual force within us all. Darlene Spiritual Life Coaching sessions combine work with dreams, intuitive exploration, vision mapping and Educational Kinesiology to assist others in achieving their greatest life. To purchase a copy of her book, Dream Yourself Awake: One Woman’s Journey to Discover her Divine Purpose through Dreams, visit,