Have you ever asked yourself; "How can I change the world?" "What difference can I make?" "Can I make the world a better place for all?" The truth is that no one person can change the world alone. It can only be done through a team effort. Granted, not everyone is a global thinker but everyone can be global changers through the efforts of teamwork.

You too can be a world changer. Would you like to be a world changer? This is your chance. Your part is just as important as mine. We can change the world together. Think of it as a chain where one link supports the other. We're all linked in one way or another but it has come a time that we must start supporting each other for the sake of all humanity. You can't put a price on a human soul. The world is lost from lack of knowledge and creative ideas.

My website and Books are world changing ideas, creative thinking taken to the next levil therefor giving something more. Ideas outside the box of normal thinking. This is what make the world a better place because it's the opportunit to better ourselves with our newfound thoughts. The Lord gave it to me and now I'll pass it on. New Ideas bring new creations to the world and as long as their good ones the world will grow. I have made it a personal point to dedicate this web-site to the people in order to make it most affective in influencing people around the world to be creative and therefore affecting the entire world. Indeed, www.Dream Revelations.com holds the keys to a better world. The only thing missing is you. The distribution of this work is crucial. We can make the world a better place by giving people hope for a better future, a creative future. A life of Godly thinking can be a very strong driving force. With your help we can affect the world with a positive chain reaction.
The ideas of a globule thinker can only go as far as the people of the world allow them to go. The realm of possibilities only exists if each person does their part.

Author's Bio: 

Author, Artist, Loving Son, Faithful Friend and above all else, a faithful servant of God…this is Kenneth K. Cain. Born and raised in Ohio , “Kenny” now calls Florida home. To truly appreciate, understand and get the most out of this unique and inspirational web-site, you should probably get to know the man behind the scenes.

Kenny has been where many of us don’t want to go, and/or perhaps have been and are still trying to escape from. Having had issues with drugs, alcohol, a non-Christian lifestyle, he has seen the darkest of darkness, but with the Grace of God and His Love and Forgiveness, Kenny has embraced the light with all of his heart and soul. Kenny adds, “Nobody is perfect. I have learned that balance and moderation is the backbone to a better you.” “Be in the world, not of it.” “Learn how to say No to the bad things that so easily entangle us, and Yes to the things that makes us better people. Perfection is impossible and believing it can be achieved is a road to frustration. Moderation in all things is the key to a balanced lifestyle.”

When asked, “Where did you get all of these ideas? How do you know the things of which you write?” Kenny’s humble and matter of fact reply, “God gave me all of this…prayer answers all questions and is the developer of all dreams. Think of it this way—if you never enter in, how can you take something out. There is a dream for everyone waiting in the presence of God but if a person never spends time with God how can a person receive what He has for them? God doesn’t want perfect people he wants friends and fellowship. He has feelings too you know. This world is full of wonder and awe. He has given it and so much more to each and every one of us. It’s the stress, the rush, the pressures of today, that blind even the most faithful of people to the beauty that surrounds us daily. Inspiration is in the air. The old saying, ’Stop and smell the roses’ is simple yet so very true. Just stop…look around you…see the beauty God has placed within your reach…then feel the creativity within you and just go for it!” Pretty simple stuff when put this way, but how many of us just don’t have the time, are just too overwhelmed, or are caught up in something we think we just have no control over?

Getting to know this amazing individual has opened my eyes to the very simple, yet too often overlooked fact…we have the power to change with God’s love and grace. He has already forgiven us with the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ. We have only to give our problems over to Him. As Kenny says,” If I can do it, anyone can.”

Having been a Christian Outreach Program Leader for many years, Kenny began helping others even before he started this wonderful journey. His one and only goal is to reach as many people as possible that need inspiration, help, a glimpse of light, a dream, hope. “I just want people to find their own unique talents, to feel God’s goodness, to open their eyes to the signs that are all around, and to create whatever it is that will fulfill their destiny in the way God planned it”. Dream Revelations is merely a stepping stone to finding that beautiful Inner Self…the Real You that God intended you to be. Don’t let the world and its dark side lead you astray any longer. As Kenny is so often heard saying, “Don’t be afraid to dream…with God all things are possible. All you need to do is believe. “Dreams believed become dreams achieved.” I did it and so can you. Everyone deserves to have their dreams come true.”

Join author/artist/friend Kenneth K. Cain on a journey to finding the beauty that we all possess. No matter what issues you are confronting, what doubts or fears you might have…you will find something here that will help to inspire you, make you laugh, or think, and hopefully feel alive and ready to face each day with renewed strength and belief.

Follow your dreams, take us along with you, and share your thoughts, concerns, experiences with Kenny and his friends. You might not be able to cover the entire web-site in one sitting, so save www.dreamrevelations.com to your “favorites” and visit whenever you need a little inspiration…whenever you want to visit an old friend who’s always willing to listen.


Donna Viccaro

Editor/Proofreader/Friend/Really Bad Practical Joker