When Martin Luther King stood on the steps and proclaimed "I have a dream!" he did more than give a speech.

When John F Kennedy told America that he saw a man on the moon, he was not just giving a speech.

When these great men communicated, they did more than speak. They projected their vision of the future to their listeners.

And those listeners 'got the picture' and changed the course of history!

How You Can Communicate More Powerfully

When powerful people communicate, their power does not come from their words - it comes from their ability to project their visions.

Have you ever been talking to someone and they said "I get the picture"? That is powerful communication - when your listener "get's the picture". To be a powerful communicator, you must use your 'eyes' more than your mouth.

Speak less.

Say more.

Project the vision powerfully and one word will do what a hundred could never do.


Because words don't communicate. Visions communicate.

Powerful communicators always communicate in visions - the
words they use are just signposts pointing to the vision.

What Are You Really Communicating?

In business, in politics, in life, we speak about where we see ourselves in the future. What do you see in your future? Is it your dream house, your dream job, your dream life?

What you are seeing is the communication you are projecting silently to others. This silent communication attracts listeners.

Those who like your visions draw near and help you achieve them. Those who disagree try to destroy your visions.

The Map of Your Future

Your visions are a map of your future! The speed at which your future becomes the present depends entirely on how strongly you can project your vision.

Just as MLK and JFK redirected the future of our world, so too your visions redirect your life. The visions you project of yourself today create your tomorrow. What you 'see' today is what you live tomorrow.

This is the power of Vision.

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