Depression automatically drains your motivation and in some cases destroys it completely. It takes away the desire to pursue anything worthwhile ,especially God. You become blinded to opportunities and blessings around you. You become so weak that you cannot lift a muscle. It take away your enthusiasm for anything and everything. Above all you cannot make a good decision concerning anything and you find yourself in a fix regarding future plans. So what’s the way out?

Cause and effect: Seek out the cause of your depressed state. Some conditions that may bring about depression are:

Guilt: this is like an iron ball hanging down your neck. You have to let go of it. Nothing can change what has happened. No new job, no new relationship. Not even an expensive vacation or any doctor can heal it.

Greed: This is one great cause of depression. The act of always wanting more. “he that is greedy of gain. troubles his soul.”

Envy: This is like a virus that easy deep into the emotions of any human being.

Fatigue: This is also a major cause of depression. Stress related jobs, could pull you out of a good social life.

So how do you overcome depression? The very first is through mind power. The mind is the centre of the whole human system. It secretes energy. Once the mind is abused, it affects the emotions of the human body, which in turn affects our actions. You need firm control over your mind. Once you can control your mind, you have power. Even the bible says it, “be you transformed by the renewing of your minds.”

Contentment is the cure for greed and envy. True contentment comes for the heart. The ability to be satisfied with what you have. This can only be possible once you have trained your mind to be able to live within its means. One good way is to avoid sales magazines and catalogues.
Relaxation is the cure for stress. Though the body maybe relaxes, but if the mind isn’t relaxed, then true relaxation can never be achieved.

Finally, the cause and treatment for depression begins and ends with the mind. Learn to take control of your mind and your thoughts, direct them to where you want, keep them at peace and you will live a healthier, happier and peaceful life.

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Christopher William is also a health expert who talks on how to keep healthy,eating right.How to boost your immune system and avoid health dangers.Especially eating the right meals.He also advocates a lot of nature reserves and the power of nature in health and physical healing.He talks of mental and spiritual health.How to achieve this and liv free, live heathy and live wealthy.