Over the years I have encountered a countless number of individuals who all seem to have one major problem in common.

They are madly in love with those who are consistently indicated in their reading not to be capable of being true, faithful, caring partners for them.

These people can't seem to understand why they are so miserable, yet the reality of the situation they are in is clearly staring them in the face.

The relationships they are pinning all of their hopes and dreams to are not going to succeed no matter how hard they might try to make it happen.

Dealing with Wishful Thinking

The prophesy is always front and center in their readings: Time to make the choice to move on; however, the roadblock to their own personal happiness is a simple case of futile wishful thinking to avoid having to accept the inevitable.

The message of the cards for men and women who are enduring disastrous love relationships will always be the same, even though so few are willing to listen: "Stop clinging to partners who are incapable of making you happy."

What is it about the human heart that makes us put so much energy into loving those who are never going to be able to love us back? The cards will unequivocally show you in readings by my method who is incapable of loving you back. They will also show you who isn't.

You will also know beyond a shadow of a doubt who will be a faithful partner, deserving of your love - if you listen to the intuitive messages your own personal reading offers.

Accepting Reality

In order to achieve the kind of happiness in love we genuinely search and hope for, we have to do one important thing: Accept the reality of our situations as it exists at this very moment.

To start, we must be completely honest with ourselves and acknowledge that the cards reflect how things realistically appear and not how we wish they could be.

Wishing is an important part of the card reading process. When you get a reading, you are in essence wishing on the cards to gain knowledge to determine: 1) how close or how far you actually are from the things you want; 2) whether there are unexpected difficulties ahead that will have to be dealt with;
3)what circumstances and individuals will be encountered.

Each of these elements are destined to bring meaningful changes to the path you have chosen to take toward your own lasting happiness.

This kind of wishing is extremely important to your own ability to get what you need and desire to achieve a true sense of fulfillment in love, career pursuits.
the very essence of your own daily life.

Can You Be this Honest?

Wishful thinking, however, is a grand illusion that what you want to be true is true and ultimately puts you at the mercy of the choices made by those living their lives around you.

If you tend to find yourself on the losing end of relationships, now is the time for you to do something about it.

By accepting the reality of your situation (which is not to be confused with simply accepting the situation "as is" and living with it, something you don't have to do), you are seeing your life as it realistically is and taking the first step toward positive resolution and change.

Change that Personal Prophesy readings will show you becomes a powerful, creative force when controlled and used properly.

Ask Yourself

Are you single and lonely? Single and involved in a relationship that isn't making you happy, wondering if there might be somebody better for you out there?

Are you married but spending life with a partner who doesn't satisfy your needs, someone you aren't completely sure is a partner you can really trust?

None of these "realities" are permanent, although we have all been conditioned to think of them as such when we're actually experiencing or totally mired emotionally in them.

But remember, life is nothing but change, regardless of whether those changes are on a physical, intellectual, or emotional level. The cards will constantly be filled with serious potential for these changes to alter your situation and, consequently, the rest of your life.

How you handle these changes and direct them toward enabling you to achieve a higher purpose within your life is, bottom line, entirely up to you.

These possibilities which are are forever present in your life are solid viable options which you can choose -or refuse - at will. By taking charge and commanding them right now, in the present, you put yourself in control of what happens to you, giving you confidence, leading you toward lasting happiness without the need for wishful thinking and other illusionary traps in the future.

Author's Bio: 

Deborah Leigh has been teaching Personal Prophesy, a revolutionary way of intuitively reading ordinary playing cards, for 25 years. Her first book, "Personal Prophesy: Learn How to Create Your Own Destiny!" was published in 2003. Her next book, "The Message: Your Secrets in the Cards" will be published by O Books in early 2008. She is available for private instruction and consultation at www.psychiclovedoctor.com.