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Dear Siri-Gian,

Since last writing you, I have applied for and gotten a part-time job with the Homeless Meal Program here, a position that was created for me. I am very thankful and aware of this and other gifts. Well, actually I have been for awhile.

All I truly wanted from this life was to get to a path of heart-felt employment again, and learn how to take care of my self, receiving the same energy as I give to others. That runs so deep in me--to heal and care the same way for self… without ego.

Any guidance or ideas that really will help? Why does one pray and work so hard for others with true compassion, and none for one’s self?

Signed “r.”

Dear R.,

I am so happy that you got a job, and it seems to be a special one for you!

Oftentimes we don't cherish ourselves because we have been trained to not care for ourselves. For instance our parents and those around us didn't care for us or didn't make us feel safe. And either in this life or in other lifetimes, we may have been part of a religious practice that taught us that to be Godly, we had to not care for ourselves, even hate ourselves because they say that we are all sinners. Those are very strong difficulties to overcome.

Now, the idea of killing one’s ego can only lead to lots of grief and misdirection. Your Soul needs your ego to project, to think, to act, to relate to people and the world! Our ego is really a wonderful thing! The only problem with ego is “Who is in charge?” Try having a conversation with your ego/your everyday self to ask it to please trust and get direction from your Soul. When your ego/your everyday self can manage that, then you have the very best setup going!

So, the truth is that we, all of us, at our core are God! Our Souls are actually God projecting as our human self! So, the actual spiritual path is to honor that God within, take care of Its body and mind, and love, love, love that amazing Essence of ourselves. All healing is about lifting and cleaning the old habitual beliefs and mind programs that lead us to understand that we are anything but God in the very most personal way! Real, unbreakable compassion and love of God begins at Home—within one’s own self/Self! Then that is when our truly abundant compassion can freely flow to others, and we can receive it our selves. What a balanced and pure joy that is!

Get to know your precious Soul as your Real Self and deeply forgive everything else! . As you do that over and over, you develop a habit of Self love and Self compassion. Try doing heart breath all the time! .

Lots of Love,
Siri-Gian Khalsa

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