We all have A Special Gift which can lead to more productivity and happiness. Finding this gift is not always easy. For many, finding this gift can take an entire lifetime. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to move toward this end because when we find it, we will be happier and become more useful to ourselves and to others.

My book A Special Gift examines this phenomenon and through the eyes of its main character proposes a path to find our own Special Gift. One of the characters in the book is named “Pacheco.” Pacheco is a security guard who loses his job and, as a result, evaluates what he does and how he does it. This analysis leads him to find his own Special Gift.

When I was about to publish the book, I was talking to the security guard in my building and asked him, “What is your name?” He answered with a smile, “Pacheco, like the security guard on the television show here in Venezuela!” We both laughed. As a result of this conversation, we became friends and I changed the name of one of my characters in A Special Gift from Pedro to Pacheco.

While the Pacheco in my book had to change his profession to find his Special Gift, this isn’t always the case! In fact, the Pacheco I know does his job extraordinarily well and if he hasn’t found his Special Gift, he is well on his way. It is precisely this path which is most important. As Facundo Cabral says, “The path tends to be more exciting than the destination, if indeed it is possible to get anywhere at all.” My friend Pacheco shows by his actions and his attitude this is the case. The other day I asked him, “What’s up? What are you doing?” He answered with a smile, “I’m doing the ‘Pacheco,’ ” again referencing the television character here in Venezuela. He is always aware of what is going on without passing the limit which invades privacy.

How many people in the world do their jobs just to get a monthly paycheck? There are millions! The worst part of this sad truth is that the negative attitude they project is evident in everything they do.

We all know people who love life and do their jobs spectacularly, as well as others who are sick of life and are terrible in what they do. So, what’s the difference? What can we do to be one in a million rather than just another in the masses?
We can look for something which drives us with passion, something which lights a fire in our belly and gives us a reason to get up every day with the energy and enthusiasm we need to face difficulties, which no doubt will come. Life is not a problem to be resolved, rather a challenge to be faced.

When we think about the events which bring pride and joy to our lives, they are generally those which initially seemed to be obstacles with no solution. When we overcome these hurdles with tenacity and perseverance, they become the roots which form the foundation of our existence.

Most important isn’t what we do, rather how we do it. To find our Special Gift it isn’t necessary to change our work or start anew. The best we can do is find a way to implement our Special Gift in what we are presently doing. All organizations need people who are valuable and productive to aid them in achieving their objectives. Often one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves is, "Will I be part of the problem or part of the solution?"

We can look at the world with the curiosity of a child and find our own Special Gift. This enables us to fully enjoy this incredible journey we call life and live with more intensity. This passion leads us to boldly take hold of each moment because each is gone in an instant and there is no better time to "Do the Pacheco" than right now.

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It's the Bounce that Counts! Rob's trains and inspires people to achieve personal and professional excellence. He has developed an innovative and exciting method for individuals and companies to Bounce Back from our most challenging of circumstance by capitalizing on our most valuable resources. His ideas are transmitted through his writing and his speaking. His books include A SPECIAL GIFT and LITTLE BY LITTLE WE GO FAR. You can see more about what he does and how he does it at www.RobMcBride.net