It's an eyesore to look at a messed up pooch. People look at a dirty dog with no respect or care. The borderline between stray and domesticated dogs vanishes here. Who's fault is it? It's not the pet's fault. Animals don't care much for what they look like. It is in the nature to run free and wild. So who else is left to blame? You. Yes you the owner of the mangy little mutt. The fact is a pets hygiene reflects upon its owner. A dirty pet usually means a dirty and lazy owner. If this sounds very much like you, then it's time to make a change.

Save your face and do yourself and your pet a favor: start learning how to groom your animal. Dog Grooming is not that difficult as it seems. Of course this will depend entirely on what kind of breed you own. Pets with long hair will need more maintenance than the ones with short hair. To start off, all dogs need bathing. Using a soap formulated for killing fleas and ticks would be great. After creating a rich lather on its coat, leave it on for a few minutes, or simply follow the instructions on the back of its box. This usually gets the dirt of its skin as well.

For its fur, use a dog grooming shampoo. This is for removing dirt from your pets hair, making it clean and giving a little shine. A conditioner can be used to make each strand of hair shinier and give it more “body”. It also leaves a scent, usually lemon or whatever fruit you'd want it to smell like. Smelling good is one of the most important things a pet can have. It makes it a lot more attractive to people. Nobody would be covering their noses when their near the breath of fresh air. Clipping its nails would also improve its looks.

Using scissors correctly on it fur may be necessary, especially if you plan on entering a dog show. Styling dog hair is another thing. If you have no knowledge or experience regarding the subject matter, do not attempt to do it. Dogs can have bad hair days too, so leave it to a professional dog groomer. All dog owners, regardless of experience, may use a brush. Some breeds will require more frequent brushing than the others. Some should only have their coats brushed while it's damp. This is because it could make its fur matted. Consider researching proper brushing methods just to be safe.

With a clean pet, having it indoors won't be much of a problem. Housebreaking the pet is still needed before doing so, but aside from that it'll be okay. Your dog won't be leaving funny smells when it leaves its resting place. You can say goodbye to the paw prints on the carpet. Sheds of fur will be an uncommon sight. The embarrassment of taking it out on walks will be gone. For once, you can hold your head up high as people turn to look at your well-groomed dog.

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The author of this article, Alex De La Cruz, is a Dog Expert who has been successful for many years. Because most people think that Arthritis is a humans-only disease Alex now informs dog owners with his Ebook on how to discover this disease and let their dogs live as pain-free as possible.