Almost all commercial dog food claims that they are packed with the complete nutritional needs of your pet. However, there are dog food secrets that were uncovered by veterinarians and dog owners these recent years. It was unfortunate to know that most, if not all, commercial meals for dogs contained too much extenders, chemicals, preservatives, and meat by-products. It is undeniable that many canine owners also seek for convenience especially in feeding their pets. For one, ready-to-eat canine food sold in the market is the easiest way to provide to the nutritional needs of their pet. You can simply scoop the meal, feed to your pet, and get on with your other tasks.

It is so easy and convenient, isn’t it? However, little did they know that there are many deadly ingredients in dog food. Keep in mind that dogs need healthy animal fats that are easy to digest and are easily converted into energy. Poultry products are more suitable for dogs since they are a great source of unsaturated fats. Unfortunately, instead of rearing healthy pets, poisonous pet food is slowly causing the pet’s health to deteriorate. You may be bombarded with a lot of positive information about a certain canine meal, but do not easily fall for their stories. There are important dog food secrets that you need to know prior to believing or purchasing their products.

For all you know, you are spending your money for meals that lack proper amount of fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Continuous eating of commercial foods can even affect your dog’s mortality rate. So, if you want your dogs to live longer, avoid giving him chemically-packed foods from the grocery. There are ways in making healthy treats for dogs. You can find resources on what to do and how to prepare healthier treats for your pets. There are recipes on tasty treats and meals that can totally replace commercial canine meals. Aside from they are healthy; your dogs will surely enjoy eating it.

Unlike, commercially made foods, you can make a wide-variety of homemade foods for dogs that your pet will enjoy munching. It is a fortunate incident that veterinarians were able to uncover dangerous dog food secrets. It paved the way for canine enthusiasts to come up with better wellness programs for their pets as well. By making easy-to-do homemade food, you can ensure that what you are serving your pet contains the right nutrients that he needs. In particular, if you prepare a meal that has the essential vegetable oils, you are also giving your dog the fatty acids that he needs.

Furthermore, rich in fiber food can aid to your pet’s digestion and stool formation. There may be little amount of vitamins and minerals on the foods that you prepare, but it is still a good thing to at least provide a small percentage to your dogs. Check carefully the many canine products that you may see in the market, there can be many hidden dog food secrets that you have to be cautious about. Don’t be too complacent in feeding your canine pet with just any meal that you see in the market. Be keen at choosing the right foods for your pets and keep in mind the dog food secrets that you have to be cautious about.

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