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Recently, I was writing about another topic for the blog. That topic was “Mind to Mind - Integrity and Wellness - The Healing Power of Truth”! As you know, if you have been following my writing, I tend to build the clock - just to tell the time. Hopefully, I’m not boring you to tears at the same time. If that were to happen, I am sure that you would not want to stick around here. In the article I just mentioned, I stepped a little sideways to give you one of those extra little tidbits I expose. This one had to do with “the Secret Law of Attraction“.

I am going to cheat a bit here, so you don’t need to look up what was said in the previous article. Here is the excerpt...

The Secret Law of Attraction
Here is something that may give you the incentive to take a closer look at this. Many of you have attempted to use the Secret Law of Attraction to gain your goals, and failed. So therefore you question it, or even proclaim that it doesn’t work, or that it’s a fraud. From what I know about people in general, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that most people know more about plumbing than they know about their own true self. So when I hear people say how everyone has been taken advantage of by the Secret, especially if they are in a public forum, it makes me wonder about that person. (Quite often this is followed up with a tirade of how that person struggled to raise themselves from the depths of oblivion to where they are today.)

Since I have been teaching the ‘Universal‘ Law of Attraction for over 20 years, it comes as no surprise why many cannot seem to come to grips with it. I was teaching it and using it a long time before ‘the Secret’ ever came out. Do you want to know one of the main ingredients how to make it work? Sure, I’ll tell!

The Law of Attraction is based on ‘sympathetic vibration‘. So, anything that disrupts this flow of energy from point A to point Z will cause the flow to stop. I refer to this as ‘congestion‘. The absence of congestion is ‘clarity‘. If a person is clear of inhibitions and beliefs that throw a wrench into the gears, then the opportunity to achieve the preferred outcome is much better. There are some other factors, but I am not going to discuss them at the moment.

Think of it this way: If you want to shoot an arrow into the bulls eye, then you don’t want anything to get into the way of the arrow. A single blade of grass can deviate the arrow so it lands off target. If a stick or such gets in the way, you may miss the target all together. By you having obstacles that your arrow must navigate, what do you think your chances are of reaching your objective? Probably Nil. If you continue to shoot arrows and none end up at the target, no matter how accurate you are with your archery, you will develop and strengthen a belief that you cannot and never will be able to hit the target - your objective. You have nobody to blame but yourself. You have actually done it to yourself. That’s hard to swallow!

Can you correct this type of problem? Yes, but in order to correct the problem, you must understand that you created it to begin with. Don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up. You just didn’t know. You have just now found out. I understand why you would be very frustrated. I make it my business to know how these things work.

Another way to see this is for you to observe a “Lucky” Person. That person is lucky because they know and expect nothing else. Things always fall right for them. They always land on their feet. This is supported by their belief system that claims this, and is strengthened time and again by things always going the right way for them. You on the other hand may have the same amount of belief strengthening that has happened to you - just in the opposite direction.

Now, we can continue on Today’s Topic…

Does the Secret Law of Attraction Work For YOU?
I will go over several areas of interests, When it regards the Secret, each area is just as important as any other. When you were a child, did you ever play connect-the-dots? (Watch out!… It’s time to put on your fuzzy focus glasses, and ‘Remember’,… HEY! That’s enough,… you almost missed the important bit.) The objective to connect the dots was to create a picture of some ‘thing’ out of the dots and use up as many of the dots as possible. Sometimes the dots were pre-numbered so you could follow where you were to draw the next line. What happened if you missed one? (It made a heck of a mess of the picture.) You did not complete your objective.

IMPORTANT: with the Secret Law of Attraction, each and every dot is weighted the same. Each dot is just as important as any other dot. One dot may have a ton of effort put into it to breath life into it, while others need no such effort. They all equal the same thing - gain the objective. If one dot is not there - Game Over!

The Secret Law of Attraction works the same way. If you haven’t addressed certain things completely, you will probably be missing a dot or two. Therefore, you don’t complete your objective. See, the system isn’t to blame. You are. You may be saying, “That’s a cop-out!” It doesn’t matter. The system is the system. But, I will go a few steps further and attempt to help you get on track, and stay on track.

First, The reason why I copied a portion of the previous article is because I would have had to write something very similar, and I liked how it went. It does point out CLARITY. Clarity is something that people have a problem with because we are constantly dealing with things that cloud our mind. The most frequent things to cloud our mind are decisions.

Scientists have proven that if we have any more than 7 things to choose from, we go into overload, so by the time we go through the grocery store, we are in meltdown. They have even connected this to Clinical Depression. Why does this happen? Sure there are things like genetics, but what else? Some questions to ask yourself: Do you have a clear decision making process? (Hint: Start with the ‘Process of Elimination‘) Are you able to prioritize whether the price of cheese or the type of cheese is more important? (I like using cheese as an example) What if you add in the parameters of quality and branding? By now, most people would feel like their head is swimming just thinking about it.


Oops, I put you to work and you didn’t even realize it. Exercising YOUR Imagination!... So, we have discovered our first daily complexity that clouds our mind. We can even turn it up a notch, and ponder - if we have that much difficulty selecting the type of cheese we want to buy, what happens when we have Important Decisions to make. Sorry, the fetal position is not an acceptable answer.

Decisions and Depression
The next thing that we need to look at on the back side of the decision making is DEPRESSION. Many people are prescribed anti-depressants to help get through the day. If you check with your doctor, you will find that anti-depressants usually have a trade-off because they are not specifically focused to your brain and your specific reason you have the problem. By a trade-off, I mean they may cause change to other areas of your life as well.

An example: You are really having some issues at work, and you take it out on your spouse or partner when you get home. You go to the Doctor with a complaint; work causes stress, which then causes anger, which your partner experiences. The Doctor prescribes you anti-depressants. You become more affable at work, get along with your spouse or partner, your desire and libido has returned. But now you can’t perform in bed because it’s like someone turned off the switch. That is what I mean as a trade-off. Not all anti-depressants work the same or on the same areas of the brain, the results can greatly vary. Even two people on the same drug can have completely opposite effects. (Always consult you Physician on health issues.)

Drugs, Alcohol, even caffeine and things we eat may have affects on muddying the waters. Many studies run on Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity, and such, have concluded that many food additives, sugars, and artificial colors and sweeteners have effects on normally healthy people. If the studies show it, how are these affecting you? What steps do you take to limit these in your diet. I knew a Physician, that before he became a Doctor, he was the person that mixed and matched all the artificial ingredients into food. Oooh,… the stories he told me.

One of these times I’ll write an article on water. That one topic alone deserves more than a book. The short version - Drink GOOD Water, the fewer added chemicals, the better! (Don’t drink distilled water - it’s lifeless.)

Focus and Resolve
So now we have covered decision making, depression, food, and drink as factors that preclude “Clarity”. Here is another, Focus and Resolve. I will attempt to keep this one simple. Once you have your eye on the prize, keep your focus. Don’t let others or things get in your way. One of the unappreciated aspects of the Secret is you must participate. The participation is in the setup, which is usually more effort than the action. This means YOUR setup - Your Clarity.

Do You Believe?
Your BELIEF is paramount! Even when you believe consciously, if your subconscious hasn’t bought in, then it won’t happen. So now we have covered a few of the things you need to pay attention to with regards of activating the Secret Law of Attraction and having success with it.

The Missing Link to the Secret Law of Attraction
Do you feel that there was a component missing from the Secret Law of Attraction? There was. The Secret Law of Attraction is actually extremely simple when you have already traveled the road. Most people have not. The marketing of the Secret is not going to suggest that you must do a bunch of things prior to doing it because that does not sell. Magic Pills Sell!

There was 1 component missing that would have made all the difference for people being able to achieve results with the Secret. Any one of our Trainings--ZOX Pro Training, the Brain Management Seminar, or eBrain Executive Seminar possess the key elements that assist people to find themselves and find their own path through life. But what makes it 100 times more effective is the Mental Photography which has the inherent ability to strengthen the brain, clear out the cobwebs, and allow the brain to function as it should - FAST and CLEAN, like a new hard drive. Your decision making abilities also come into focus for clear decisions. True CLARITY!

This list does not include the new way you can deal with information. You can put volumes of usable information into your subconscious in a matter of minutes. The amount, and difficulty level of the information is never a limit. Scientists have studied some of our clients as they were using Mental Photography. - showing brain wave output so outrageous the scientists knew “something VERY different” was happening during Mental Photography.

Do you want the Secret Law of Attraction to work for you?
If you have done all the things they said to do and you still didn’t get results, you have already vested allot of time and energy to make it work. Brain Management and Mental Photography can give you a huge leg-up to gain the techniques and the understanding of what it takes to make the Secret work for you.

Remember: You really are not to blame that you just didn’t have all the information up front. And all those ‘Secret’ Coaches wouldn’t have anything to do! That’s okay. We are here to fill the gap. We have the missing link. Enjoy your future. You know what “they” say (whoever “they” are) “You Gotta Pay to Play!”

You can ask me, “Does the Secret Law of Attraction really work?” Yes, it does, if you have connected your dots. If you don’t connect your dots, you don’t get the result you are targeting. And yes, there are many levels of participation to prepare the way.

We do offer 1 more unique thing in our most advanced training that is applied to bypass many of the pitfalls that come with planning your objective. Do you know what “Fuzzy Logic” is? We have applied our technology in this way to make our system, and systems like the Secret Law of Attraction much easier. It is only available if you travel to Australia and attend the eBrain Executive Seminar. But, Keep in mind; any of our trainings will get you on track.

What is My Agenda?
I don’t have an agenda. I don’t believe anyone should impose their agenda on you, and surely not me. So, THE agenda is whatever YOUR agenda is. I want you to be Free of encumbrances. Free to think, feel, and be who you want to be. And to find the best in the human you are; by learning to trust the one person you should trust above all others – Yourself !

So, what is my objective?
Let me ask you something… What kind of world do you want to live in? One that is kind, loving, and abundant, or a world full of fear, disease, and need? On a global basis, I want the best for all! I think you do too. But this starts at home, with you. Each person is connected to the whole. We can add to, or take away from the whole. Each and every one of us counts. My objective is to help those that want to help themselves to GAIN CLARITY !


Shannon Panzo

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Shannon Panzo, PhD is Executive Instructor of Brain Management. Brain Management teaches you a range of mind enhancement techniques, primarily how to tap into and control your own vast potential locked in your subconscious mind. His students / clients discover the way to learn how to learn naturally and the key to unlocking your unlimited potential. The key is Mental Photography. and

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