When you are shopping for a new home, there are undoubtedly many aspects of each home that you will look at – the age of the plumbing, the condition of the electrical and heating systems, and the strength of the floor joists are just a few of the things that you probably look at in each prospective home. But what about the actual shape of the home – not the condition, but the physical shape created by the home’s layout?

What could the physical shape of a home possibly have to do with whether or not you should purchase a particular home? Well, there are many ways that the physical shape of a home can affect your life once you purchase and move in to a home, according to the principles of feng shui.

First, if your prospective home is anything other than a complete shape – that is, a rectangular or square shape – then you will likely find that one or more areas of your life are out of balance. Each area of your home represents an aspect of your life, and if the area of your life that corresponds with that area of a prospective home is irregularly shaped or “missing”, then you may experience difficulties in that aspect of your life.

For example, the rear left portion of your home represents the life areas of wealth and prosperity. If the rear left portion of your home is irregularly shaped, then you will probably find that not only will you experience financial difficulties, but that every previous owner of the home has experienced financial difficulties as well.

Another way that the shape of a prospective house can cause problems is if the garage juts out in a way that makes the garage more prominent than the front door. A proper feng shui house should have the main focus on the front door. If your garage is more prominent, then you are placing the chaotic energy associated with garages in front of the receptive energy associated with the entrance to your home.

So what can you do if you are set on a house that has one of these elements? Clearly, it is not cost effective to move a garage or build an addition to your home to make a complete shape.

If you are considering a home that has one or more areas that are irregularly shaped or missing, you can always use landscaping to fill in the missing areas. This includes flowers, shrubs, fences, statuary, rock gardens, and other outdoor elements that you can use to fill in missing spaces.

If you have a garage that is so prominent that it overshadows your front door, you can paint the door a bright color (red works well for this). Barring that, you can plant red flowers or place red-colored lawn furniture near your front door, or incorporate water features near your home’s entrance to help create a flow of positive energy to continue inside your home. You can also use flags, wind chimes, or other objects that symbolize movement and flow.

As you have probably guessed, few (if any) houses are perfect from a feng shui standpoint. However, with a little research and work, you can make nearly any home the perfect feng shui home for you.

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