The technology and options to regain hair are growing. This can be confusing, to help clarify what works for each person, New Look Institute devote time and effort to stay current. Then the task to share that with the public is key to New Look Institute's success.

Keeping the hair one has and regaining their lost hair as well as the results of Laser Scalp Therapy, were some the question that were examined, researched and reviewed this weekend in Jacksonville, Florida, as almost 100 of the top "hair loss experts" from around the world converged on Amelia Island.

Sima Hilde, of New Look Institute in San Jose, CA is a regional Hair Loss Specialist and was one of speakers at this convention. "I'm excited and very proud to have joined all these knowledgeable people from around the world. They shared the latest information on Laser hair treatments, topical hair restoration programs and the best answers for non-surgical hair replacement," said Ms. Hilde.

New Look Institute is an exclusive member of the world-wide group Transitions International Group. Made up of hair loss experts with more than 1500 years of combined experience. Its membership meets every six months to share information, learn the latest techniques from around the world and discuss how to better serve the needs of people with hair loss.

According to Ms Hilde, "There is no other group like this anywhere in the world and what the group can do with the cutting edge technology to help people regain their hair is really amazing."

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For more information about New Look Institute regarding ALL aspects of hair loss, call Sima Hilde at (408) 279-4247 and ask how to qualify for a free Microscopic Hair and Scalp Analysis.