I have been in the Network Marketing Industry for over 35 years and one thing that I have found is that the idea of helping others is lacking and has been lacking in many network marketing companies.

I have been in a total of 47 companies in the pass 35 plus years and have found only a couple that care for the associates but also for the community and mankind at large. SO I went out looking for the companies that really help the associates and the community. I only found enough to count on one hand.

These few companies are growing but leaps and bounds. The social work in helping others places them head and shoulders above the rest. They reach down to help others and spend more time giving more money to their associates and others.

The value that the companies give to their associates is 1000% more than what the associate pays.

Here is an example: This Company Take a dollar from every sale and a dollar a month from the Associates just to help with world literacy. Further they support several homes for abused and battered children with company profits. To me this is the kind of company I want to be an associate for. So I dug further to see what this company is made of.

Further with the Membership fee being a low $35.00 a month they give a value of over $1200.00 a month back to the associate. Plus the have a unconditional guarantee that after 12 months they will give back the $35.00 monthly fee for all 12 months no questions asked and the associate gets to keep all the items they have gotten, including all the training items also. This company will also pay you $35.00 every time you add an associate to your program. That way if you only add one a month it covers your monthly membership fee. WOW! In 35 years I have never run across anything like this program.
Your influence for good expands beyond your local area and is blessing the lives of people you may never meet. This company is not the normal Network Marketing Business.

This is what the number one item from the traditional Network Marketing company places out there for you:

1. Expensive Products - Many network marketing companies sell expensive products that studies show, would not likely be purchased were they not part of a network marketing structure.

2. Complex Compensation Plans - Network marketing compensation plans are difficult to understand and poorly understood by distributors.

3. Poor Income/High Attrition Rates - By design, only a small percentage of those in network marketing companies actually make a profit, leading to high dropout rates.

This company has over come this old way of doing business by the following:

1. The monthly fee is $35 - by far the lowest of any major network marketing company and there are no hefty requirements for stocking, storing and selling a huge monthly quota.
2. There are NO qualifications.
3. The company’s compensation plan is unique to the network marketing industry and designed to create both quick profits and potentially substantial long-term profits.

Company has found a way to break the traditional Marketing problems and help the associates to really achieve their goals. No pie in the sky for this company.

I guess there really is no cost or pain to helping others.
So as you can see there is at least one company that looks out for its associates.

I then researched other companies and in further coming articles I will be explaining their programs and what it costs to help others. I will be covering many industries and area that have now moved into your TV and radio. Network Marketing is no longer the program that when you told your family about it they all applied for the witness protection program and you never heard from them again.

I will continue to research and up date my reads to the different programs that can help other as much as they help you.

For more information on these companies go to httP://cashwithbooks.com

Author's Bio: 

I have a MS in Bio Chemistry and Nutrition. Also a PhD in Accounting and a MBA in Finance. I am a certified Network Marketing Instructor. I want to train and help people build a 21st century MLM business and to get out of NFL.

Over 35 years in Network Marketing (MLM)
Millionaires Club three times
I was the #2 retailer in a MLM for 2005.
Also the #1 recruiter in another for 2006.
Also the #1 mentor for Network Marketing in 2006.
Also nominated for 2 Stevie Awards in 2007 and 8 for 2008