Sara* experiences extreme emotional patterns including: feelings of sadness, tearfulness, low confidence, anxiety, distress, mugginess, imbalance, irrationality, lethargy and tightness in the chest.

For the last 9 months things have been spiralling and were getting to the point of being out of control. Sara realised she couldn't continue allow this to happen so she decided to take a different approach to treatment and contacted me.

Sara’s case history states that she has been suffering with Depression since 1998. Her other symptoms include: energy imbalance, digestive problems, chronic PMT, stomach cramps, diarrhoea and shortness of breath.

Are Sara’s symptoms typical of depression? According to Black’s Medical Dictionary these are some of the classic symptoms. Along with her doctors they have driven Sara into that dark tunnel that is signposted ‘Depression’ because she has the typical symptoms and therefore labelled just like the others.

The question here is, what makes a single or group of symptoms become classified as an illness that can be treated in a standard way?

It would appear that labelling her, meant she got the standard treatment of Psychotherapy and knocking back the Prozac, which she did.

But 9 years later she is still labelled and living the life of Depression that she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy. Does anyone, including the doctors and specialists know what it is like to live in her body and mind?

Living it and then moving beyond

Well the answer is NO.

Sara is the patient that was departmentalised, budgeted, medicated and a statistic. That was until she came to work with RaphaYad Bio Energy Healing. What Sara experienced was quite a revelation for her. After years of psychotherapy, she no longer had to delve into the past, neither did she have to address the current issues on a cognitive level. She’d already done enough of the talking therapy, now it was time to switch off the brain.

Most importantly she was able to work with a practitioner that didn’t just try to box her up and send her off to be with the rest of her tribe. For once she was being treated as an individual.

None of the old assumptions ‘…we know what it is like for you. We see people every day with the same symptoms’. Instead it was all about Sara, the one and only, and how those symptoms resonate in her system.

It was an acknowledgement that this is how she is today. It doesn’t matter about the past. It can’t be changed. All we can look at is the here and now, and move her forward without all the fears and frustrations.

Whether it was a problem on a: psychological, chemical, neuro-transmitter or genetic level, it was no longer in question. RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing techniques used a scanning technique where the practitioner uses his eyes and hand to scan Sara’s body in order to pinpoint the blockages that were responsible for her current state ‘configuration’.

Now it was time to work at the pace and priority that Sara’s body system required rather, than what the textbook says.

Re-wiring the Brain

Over the next 12 weeks Sara experienced what we call a re-wiring of the brain. Using hands-on and hands-off techniques to work with Sara’s electrical [electromagnetic] circuitry system in her body, we were able to release memory patterns and defragmentate (see box …..) her body’s neurological and biological systems.
Glossary - DefragmentateTo defragmentate the body, is to remove the disorder/chaos, bringing about a level of order. The best analogy is that of a computer software package 'Defrag' that every computer has to spring clean and defragmentate the hard disk.Defrag removes the corrupted data, re-organises and condenses data and frees space. It brings order and improves the discs ability to process and store information in an effective and efficient way.

When we talk about releasing memory patterns, we are not referring to deleting the brain of memories. What it does is cause a major shift in a client’s perception. Therefore when Sara went to work one day and was confronted with an issue that would normally compound in her, it went over her head.

At no point during the series of 1-2-1 sessions did Sara have to think about what issue or symptom she had to address next. The scanning technique took care of everything. It’s what we call the ‘Jigsaw Affect’.

This is where we scan and pinpoint the primary point, treat it, and the first piece of the jigsaw fits into place. Scan the next primary point, treat it, and the next piece of the jigsaw fits in, and so on until the full picture reveals itself.

We move beyond the textbook and treat Sara and the way her body’s systems needs to process things and at the pace she is able to. It meant that she continued to make major psychological and physical shifts. She naturally had her lower moments, but each time her ability to adapt and coping mechanism kept kicking in with more strength and determination.

At each RaphaYad Bio-energy Healing session we continued to scan for the primary points and use a hands-on manipulation technique with the finger that sends a message to the brain to (re-) activate the repair and healing mechanism between that blocked point and the brain. As the re-wiring continued Sara gained more: positivity, confidence, focus, clarity and psychological balance.


So going back to the original question ‘Does depression really exist?’ We at the Bioenergy Healing Research Foundation would conclude that through case studies like Sara’s and many other clients we have seen at the RaphaYad Bio Energy Healing Clinic with chronic and difficult cases of depression and anxiety that ‘No, depression does not exist’.

There is no question that the symptoms Sara and other clients experience are real. But we have found no long-term benefit of labelling these symptoms as an illness. Similarly which illness do we label it with? If we go through the medical dictionary and consult with the expanding range of specialists then the range is unlimited.

If anything it has caused many a patient to live the illness, become the illness and expect the other symptoms to appear. That’s because this doctor said this, a friend said that and of course the worldwide web with its mammoth amount of information and misinformation has triggered their psyche to have an absolute field day.

At the end of the day there is only one Sara, she overcame all of her original symptoms, and regained a rational mind. Sara now has a heightened coping mechanism so that when she is exposed to an issue she deals with it and continues to move forward.

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Founder of RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing.

Founder of the Bioenergy Healing Research Foundation.

Having established his treatment clinic, Michael subsequently founded the Bioenergy Healing Research Foundation for training and research. His ongoing exploratory and experimental approach to his work at the cutting edge of Bio-energy medicine and healing treatment, has seen the techniques continue to enhance and evolve into RaphaYad.

Most importantly they have led to the extraordinary high level of results and continues to push the boundaries of human: rehabilitation, development and potential.

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