Sometimes it seems that no matter what you do, some days it seems like you would have been better off staying in bed. And sometimes, even that is no escape. There are natural therapies, available to everyone, that cost zero, that can help get you back on track. After all, everyone wants to feel good about themselves. The truth is that a person with a poor self-image and a depressed attitude can do little to be an uplifting source of inspiration to those others important to you.

So if you have ever had a day that begins with missing the alarm clock because the power went out, the toast burned, one of the kids is sick, you were wishing for a night of intimacy with your special other, you get a speeding ticket, the boss reams you out, the trip home from work is a series of delays and the children are waiting at the babysitter’s, your teenager is in a cranky mood, and your significant other expects a night of much needed romance, you are tired and exhausted, and…..

Everyone has days like this from time to time. It is a numbers game, and sooner or later, your turn comes up. The important thing to remember is that, when taken in relation to other peoples’ lives, your problems may seem insignificant. It is easy for others to say it is trivial because they are feeling fine, while you feel like the wrath of God has rained all over you. But, don’t worry, their turn will come as well.

The solutions that follow should not be tried when operating machinery, driving a vehicle, flying an airplane, or when in imminent danger. Use common sense.

The following is a list of tried and tested methods to get your mind to slow down and help get back on track:

1: STOP! Breathe in deeply, and slowly, hold for a few seconds, then slowly breathe out. Do this 3 times. This will prevent hyperventilation, you know, the short, rapid breaths and the elevated heartbeat and temperature.

2: GET AWAY! Try to get away from the source of irritation. If you can’t escape to a quiet place for five minutes, try just sitting down with your eyes closed. This will lower the amount of stimulus to the brain.

3: READ! Find a relaxing magazine that will stimulate other senses, such as a holiday magazine. Better yet, read a few pages of your favourite book. Some good ideas for reading material should focus on your hobbies, interests or desires. Try to avoid reading newspapers, tabloids, and other material that does not uplift you at the expense of others.

4: LISTEN! If it is necessary to relax, choose soothing melodies with soft instrumental backgrounds. If you need uplifting, listen to your favourite pop music, if necessary, but stay away from pounding beats, as they tend to slow down the decision-making processes. Try headphones.

5: WRITE: Try making a list of the most important three things you wish to accomplish today. Don’t try to do more than that, if the world seems to be closing in around you. Be reasonable. Pace yourself. As each item is done, draw a line through it. There is something magical that happens when you draw the line through a finished item.

6: SHARE! Write a note to someone you trust, explaining how you feel, and why. It doesn’t have to be a long letter, but the more you write, the better you will feel. Better yet, write a letter or email to someone and try to cheer them up, even if they don’t need cheering up. Watch what happens to you when you do this one!

7: CARE! Do something nice for someone. Choose someone who has nothing to give back to you. Be unselfish. Be totally there with that person, even if it is only for a few minutes. Help a child tie their shoe, visit a senior in a retirement home, Stop in to see a seldom-visited friend, and ask how they are. When they speak, tune out all else and listen. Try to understand each word they say, and acknowledge it.

8: REMEMBER! Who are you, really. Deep down inside, away from the clutter of your fast paced life, there is the person that you see yourself as. Maybe it is when you were in a certain grade in school, and you felt the best about yourself, maybe it was after winning, perhaps it is as you see yourself in the mirror now. Whatever is the best image you have of yourself, close your eyes and see it.

9: AFFIRM! Don’t be afraid to say to yourself, “I’m OK. I am a good person. I deserve to be loved. I love others, and I am good for them. I am feeling better, already.

10: CHOOSE! How the day goes from here is your choice. Expect the best. It beats the alternative.

Then, reward yourself. The reward can be something as simple as a cup of coffee, a candy bar or snack, or, if a real pick-me-up is needed, find the nearest small airport and ask the airport manager about buying a Pilot for a Day package. The thrill and exhilaration of flight is a sure way to clean out the mental clutter. If you have never stretched your limits, this is a guaranteed way to feel better about yourself. After all, not everyone has the fortitude to step out of their comfort zone.

Author's Bio: 

Archie Dobbins is a freelance writer and student of various self-improvement disciplines, and has studied under such masters as Robert Kiyosaki, Marcia Martin, Bob Proctor and others. Archie lives with his wife of 25 years and has 4 children. He lives in Central Ontario, is semi-retired, writes and is a pilot.

Archie Dobbins can be contacted via his website, or directly by email at or by post at Compartment 75, RR 2,Haliburton, Ontario, Canada, K0M-1S0