Once in the street you have seen it. Alternatively, you were on a visit at friends and saw it. The colleague has brought photos and you saw it. In general, it is not important where and under what circumstances it has happened. It is not important, what dog you saw. Important is, that you had the idea «Should I have a dog?»

And you start to think, what exactly will be changed in your life after appearance of a dog. It turns out, that when you have a dog you get more negative things than positive ones.

The dog takes away a lot of free time (which you could spend for yourself). You have to get up early and run out in the street at any weather. Then you have to wash its paws pulling and pushing your dog to bathroom (some dogs do not like it) and then catch the wet pat if it managed to escape from your hands. After catching, washing and drying the dog you have to feed it. If the dog eats the fodder, it is not difficult, but what if it likes natural feed.

When you leave, you should hide all your things beyond the reach of the dog, because many of them staying alone and longing for the owner begin to chew all his stuff.

Some dogs crush apartments. However, having returned, you cannot even swear as it was made of melancholy and love to you (is it possible to abuse for love?). Moreover, it was so long ago, that the dog has already forgotten and does not connect punishment with such trifle as the spoiled door or the wallpaper removed from walls, and connects it only with the arrival of the owner. Hence, punishment is not only senseless, but also harmful! While working, you will think what exactly will be rotten, chewed, crippled and slavered today and up to what degree it will be done. What will your neighbours tell you? Many dogs accompany the melancholy with howling. Not all neighbors adore your dog just as you and they do not consider that “this terrible howl” is music. You have to walk a lot with your dog because it was alone at home all day long).

It is your problem if you still did not eat and drink! After walking couple of hours (in spite of what the weather is outdoor) you have to repeat a trick with washing and drying dog’s paws, clean your apartment and then you can start to cook a supper not for yourself or your family but for the dog! You should feed your dog first because it has the regimen and the breaking of this regimen will cost you more expensively, than the disturbing of your own one. However, from the dominance point of view, you should take into account that your dog must eat after you. In the evening you must take care of your dog’s hair (longhaired dogs should be scratched, sleek-haired dogs should be cleaned with a rubber mitten, wire-haired dogs should be trimmed, bare dogs should be smeared with creams). However, you may not do this, if you like to wash your apartment from dog’s hair. The hair of smooth dogs comes out the same as of longhaired dogs only the length of separate strands of wool is different and removing of short hair is much more difficult. Instead of sitting in an armchair and watching TV you have to go for a walk as the dog always wants to go out. Having returned from walk you repeat a trick with washing and drying paws and then go to bed. With a dog. Have you still not changed your mind?

You have to spend a lot of money. Forages, ammunition, toys, vitamins, vermifugal drugs and vaccines - all this costs much more expensively, than the similar goods for people. Then services of the ringmaster, groomer and veterinarian go. If you got the exhibition specimen, if you are lucky and your dog wins, you will receive nice ribbon and if not, you will get handshake of the expert and a piece of paper with the description. To tell the truth, nowadays valuable prizes are given on the large international exhibitions, but not everyone can get them, and participation, preparation and travel will cost you such sum that it would be easier to purchase these prizes in a shop. If you decide that your dog must have posterity, you will have to spend large amount of money. You should not expect that having sold pups, you would suddenly grow rich. First, you should find, who will by it. To make money on dogs it is necessary to be serious professional (not only in cynology, but also in business) or to have luck, which extremely seldom happens! What will you do if the dog is ill? There is nothing to speak about. Do you still want to get a dog?

Dog is a source of mud and illnesses. The mud falls of a dog’s paws, a spit runs of a mouth, and finally its hair comes out. Dogs have the habit to defecate in apartment up to the certain age, and some of them keep this "nice" habit during all the life. Besides, the dog (in most cases) eats not so accurately, and on eaten wipes a muzzle using you and your furniture. Dogs periodically pick different rubbish in the street that is why the dog smells like rubbish. Do not forget that after picking the rubbish the dog will feel sick at home. Have I still not convinced you?

The dog has ability to spoil your mutual relations with other people. You will quarrel with parents (which are not pleased, that you pay less attention to them, than before appearance of a dog). Your relations with neighbors will be spoiled as the dog barks when you are at home, howls when you are not present, missing you, it also defecates near the house, frightens small children and old men with its awful outward. If you will get a serious dog, you may quarrel with the dear person if your dog does not like him or her. However, it is possible to a meet a dog lover and then to combine appointments with the dog walks. Your friends will stop visiting you because of its hair, mud and a dribbling head on the knees when your friend eats. You cannot take the dog with you since mud, hair and spittle in apartments of friends will please them even less, than in your apartment.

Have you changed your mind? Do you consider, what all this is a trifle comparing with an adoring dog view? Then you really need the dog and it is not clear how you lived without it until now! If you can live without a dog - do not have it! Well, and if you cannot… I congratulate you, you have become one of us!

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Jim Parker is the manager of online-shop Super-doggy.com: collars, leads, muzzles (http:/super-doggy.com/ ).