If you can count, you can change your life.

How, you ask?

Let's say you are doing exercises. Kind of boring sometimes, aren't they? Let's say you have to hold your stomach in to the count of ten. Instead of counting one, two, three, etc., how about doing this?

"Every day in every way I am better, better, and-better." (Squish the last two words together to make 10.)

"I am health i er, health i er, and healthier."

"I am grow ing old er grace ful ly now."

TIP: Make sure you are seeing the picture you are "counting" to in your mind, for each of these exercises. Really get into it, and you'll reap the rewards faster and faster.

Let's say you are doing eye exercises to the count of ten: "My eyes are strong er and strong er to day."

How about if you're putting rollers in your hair and have to steam them a certain amount of time?: "My hair is look ing nic er and full er."

How about if you are angry and you are counting to ten?: "I am full y and lov ing ly in cont rol of my e mo tions." Oops, you went over ten, that's OK.

How about if you're not counting to ten, but you have time you have to fill?: How about if you are waiting for a traffic light to change?: "I am re laxed and pa tient. The light will change soon."

How about if you're on hold on the phone: "I am re laxed and pa tient. They will be a ble to help me soon."

You're working on the net, and the site is taking a while to come up: "I am re laxed and pa tient. My com pu ter is get ting fast er and fast er." Or my favorite, "I send out on ly good, I re ceive on ly good."

Because we all understand that if we think negatively, negative things are bound to keep happening. What you are saying to yourself has a direct correlation on what is happening your life, and in your health. Be good to yourself. Think positive, so positive things can keep cropping up in your experiences. And, believe me, they will.

Thanks for reading.


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