I have been involved in a number of groups over the years and I have found them to be extremely helpful in my life. Groups are one of the foundational pieces of having a balanced life. Whether it is a support group, a recovery group, a mastermind group, a planning group, a creativity group, or whatever type of group, you will always get more from a group then you can by yourself. Groups have “synergy” that cannot be re-created by one’s self….it takes the combined energy of the group, in which the sum is greater than the total of the individual members, to go beyond what any one person can do by their selves.

So….do you have a group that you go to that is “safe”; where you can talk openly about your life; get feedback and input (not criticism); and collectively create some extraordinary results? Yes?….great, spread the good news!! No?...then I encourage you to shop around, ask around, or perhaps even start your own. You will not be sorry.

I recently became involved in a mastermind group that has turned out to be much more than that (groups always do this….that’s part of the synergy). Here is my version of our “theme song” (yes, it does have a sorta rap-like rhythm to it!!). I hope you enjoy it…

My Safe Harbor

What is this place where we all come
And share our lives, yes, one-by-one
We talk about our wins and our loses, too
But in this place, we feel not the fool
The challenges do come, and they do go
And with a firm foundation we each stay in flow
Tears are shed and smiles and shared
And all emotion can be openly aired
Yes, this is the place where synergy occurs
And in this place we get clear from blurs
We share the love and gracious, yes we are
And at the same time, we do raise the bar
We want the best for our sisters and our brothers
And our goal at the core is to help all the others
Yes, this is the place where we do come
To speak our truth and never have to run
And in the midst of revealing our true self
We create an esteem of only top shelf
And so I sing and dance in glee
So amazing is this place where we can be free
Grateful am I to have such a place
And grateful am I to be blessed with such grace
Yes, this is the place where we all come
To share our lives, yes, one-by-one
And as you do grow, your growth grows me
So thank you, I say, for helping me to be…

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I provide mental health counseling, marriage counseling and relationship counseling to help professionals and their families eliminate stress, maximize success and create extraordinary relationships at home, at work and in the community. As a mental health counselor, marriage counselor and relationship counselor my number one goal is to help people as painlessly a possible complete the therapeutic process. I’ve been offering counseling, coaching, and educational programs since 1987. My programs are focused on empowering people to have more successful lives, businesses and relationships. You’ll always find FREE Life and Relationship Success Special Reports at http://kendonaldson.com/ . I’m also the author of Marry YourSelf First! Say "I DO" to a Life of Passion, Power, Purpose and Prosperity http://www.marryyourselffirstbook.com/