Many people think product knowledge, motivation/self-improvement, and sales skills are all you need to increase sales. This is especially true of large organizations. Those things are the basic requirements for sales, yet not enough to increase sales.

If you’re in a service industry and you’re the business owner or a commission only sales person you must do one thing before you get the opportunity to practice your sales prowess and increase sales. That one thing is you have to market yourself to attract qualified prospects who reach out to you, and want to do business with you. But please don’t confuse traditional marketing with the way you need to market yourself.

Traditional marketing is nothing more than a costly ego trip. You have to use an approach to marketing that gets real leads entering your sales funnel, and pays for itself. If the attempts at marketing yourself you’re using now don’t pay for themselves then you know you’re using the wrong approach to marketing.

Your approach to marketing needs to produce results on a small scale and produce those results fast. You’ll never send out a mass mailing, run a TV or radio ad on a mass appeal program, or put ads in a general readership publication. All those things cost you big bucks and don’t produce the sales to pay for them.

You may have a bad attitude about marketing yourself just like you may have had a bad attitude about sales before you really understood what sales is. Sales isn’t about coercing and manipulating people it’s about helping them to buy. Marketing isn’t about products and ridiculous claims, it’s about helping the people that need you to find you and want to talk to you.

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