Everyone wants something. For some people it's love, others it's money. Some people want fame while others want inner peace. It is different for everyone, but the fact remains, there is something that everyone wants. Many people continue to live their entire lives and never get close to realizing what they want as a part of their lives. So what is it that seperates the have's from the have nots. What is it about those people who live in a place that is full of happiness and success in all areas of life, and the rest of the people out there who never get to experience anything they long to experience? What is it that keeps so many people from realizing fulfillment and happiness?

There are a few traits that are essential if you are to realize a life full of happiness and success. A life full of wealth in all areas is created by an understanding of these traits, and daily practice of these traits. These must become habitual patterns in your every day life. Each of us has our own demons that haunt us and keep us from realizing true happiness, so of course, everything covered in this series will not be everything that could get in your way. Thousands of books have been written over thousands of years discussing this topic, and thousands more will be created for as long as mankind walks this planet. But let's take a look at what some of these traits are and how to work with them and apply them.

The first trait that you must work on is the ability to have complete clarity about what you want. You must have a crystal clear picture of what you want down to the smallest detail. Any amount of vagueness will open you up to a world of potential, but not exactly what you want. Let's use love for an example. Most people want love, right, of course we do. The problem is that most people do not know exactly what they want in a relationship. Let me use myself as an example. I was clear about the type of woman I wanted all the way from her physical appearance to her inner workings. What I forgot was age, so I kept attracting women that were much younger than I wanted. They were beautiful women on the inside and the outside, yet they still had that young inexperience that I was not attracted to. You must know what you want.

The second thing you must have for acquiring what you want is desire. You must make a complete commitment to getting what it is you want. Not just wanting will do. You have to develop a burning desire within yourself. It has to be something that haunts your dreams and plagues your mind and creates a fire deep down inside of you. Most people never realize happiness or success because they do not have a desire. They have nothing more than a mere fascination for what they want. Most people also never get clear about what they want, but even if they have a pretty good idea about what they want, they never take the time to develop a burning desire. We all know people who have a passion for something. Whatever that something is, they walk, talk, eat, and breath that thing. That is a burning desire. A mere fancy will not do.

The third trait you must develop is faith. Without faith, everything is lost. I am not talking about a blind faith here. A blind faith follows simply because it is told to follow. What I am speaking about here, is a faith that you not only deserve what you want, but you will get what you want. Faith is also the ability to believe in something even if you cannot see it. Having faith in the fact that you will have everything you desire, even if you can't recognize a way to make it happen right now, is essential to happiness and success. You must develop a burning desire for what you want, and a deep rooted faith that it will become a reality.

The fourth trait that you must develop is the advancement of knowledge. You must take the time to study what you need to study and learn what you need to learn in order to get to where you want to go. Of course you can't just study and learn, you must take action and gain knowledge based on that experience also, however, taking some time to learn about where you want to go and how to get there will only aid you on your journey. They say knowledge is power. That is not true, applied knowledge in the correct situation and arena is power. Take the time to do your homework and study what needs to be studied in order for you to get to where you want to go.

In the next part of this series we will discuss the other traits of what it takes to realize happiness and success. In later parts of this series we will go into greater detail about each of the traits and how to develop them deeper within yourself. Take the time to study the traits above and work on your clarity. You must start at the beginning. As human beings, we often want to jump ahead steps as soon as we think we are getting a little bit of a handle on something. This will only slow your progress down. Enjoy the journey, enjoy the adventure, and enjoy the scenery of your inner workings as you travel.

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