I don't mean the hyper-active jumping up and down talking too much enthusiasm of a person who lacks self-control. I do mean your energy and the way you control that energy, and how it's conveyed to potential buyers. It’s been said many times and it’s still true that the first person you have to sell is you.

If you don’t believe in and if you’re not excited about what you’re selling you won’t have sales success. When you do believe in what you’re selling it increases your confidence. And you have to have confidence in both the service you’re selling and yourself or you can’t sell anything to anyone.

Whether you recognize it or not you’re conveying your level of enthusiasm to potential prospects in everything you do. There are several ways you’re unconsciously sending out that signal, beginning with your handshake. Never underestimate the importance of your handshake.

You unwittingly communicate a lot in the way you shake another person’s hand. I’ve been absolutely shocked by the handshake of some people. One individual immediately comes to mind whenever I think about how you don’t want to shake someone’s hand.

This person is a financial advisor, and basically all this guy does is extend his hand like a wet noodle. Talk about a turn off. You’re left wondering if this guy is a sleaze, or if he’s worried about getting germs from you. In either case, his handshake is a real turn off and lacks any form of enthusiasm. When you extend your hand to shake someone’s hand you should have a firm handshake with a couple quick pumps and then quickly release their hand having a smile on your face and sparkling eyes the whole time. That communicates enthusiasm. That communicates confidence. And that conveys a message to the other person that you’re the real deal with a real deal.

You don’t want a loud and gregarious tone of voice, but you do want a voice that communicates energy and confidence. Your tone of voice should be appropriate for the setting, and in harmony with the person you’re speaking with. Your tone shouldn’t be hesitant and doubtful, or too forced and intimidating.

Your posture and the way you carry yourself communicate your enthusiasm. You can’t expect sales success if you stand with rounded shoulders and your head down. And you don’t want to stand in a way that appears challenging or aggressive. Your posture and the way you move should communicate your joy for life and people, and your eagerness to engage others.

You know how important your physical appearance is. No matter how much or how little you spend you should always be well groomed and never be over adorned. The freshness of your appearance reinforces your enthusiasm and that enthusiasm is contagious. Top producers make it easy for others to buy because of that contagious enthusiasm backed by their absolute confidence that it’s the right decision for the prospect.

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