Love and Passion ... are two words that bring to mind deep feelings for something or someone. For instance, the type of feelings that begins in the pit of your stomach and radiate outward, exuding brilliance, warmth, and joy. Do these words represent how you feel about your job and or position in life? The majority of the population, two-thirds in fact, is always seeking new employment. Which means that at any given time 67% of the United States population is experiencing job dissatisfaction, and all of the baggage that accompanies this epidemic.

How does one find a job, career, or lifestyle that they are passionate about and would love to live? It begins by looking within. Sometimes the paths that are chosen are not a reflection of who we are, but of circumstance. Take Genie for instance. She works in one of the largest financial districts in the world, makes a fantastic salary, but is quite unhappy. While in college she was torn between becoming a business major or music major. Sadly, the choice was made for her when her parents decided that they would not pay for her education if she pursued a music curriculum. For several years she has wondered "what if"; to this day whenever she hears a favorite musical composition, a feeling of peace washes over her. By looking within Genie knows that her passion is not being fulfilled. And she's fortunate because she has an inside track on what does fuel her passion.

What's the next step? Take Genie's lead by identifying things from your past or your present that makes your heart light up and your soul soar. Spend some time determining if your passion is something that warrants a career change, or if it is something that can be done on a volunteer basis, or as a hobby. Perhaps the thing that you love could be developed into a business career over time. Right now, the key is to recognize that the sky is the limit, because thinking within limitations ... within the box, is what has gotten you where you are.

Now that you've reflected and identified something or some things that gets your motor revving, now comes the meat and potatoes. Deciding what your goal really is and then focusing on it. You need to be clear what your goals are, specifically. That way all of your thoughts will be focused on "getting my dream job in mechanical engineering" or "finding the best way to market my home-based business". Write it down. Write it more than once. Write it so you can see if numerous times throughout your day. Each time you see it you will bring it to the forefront and there will be a shift towards your realizing your goal.

So how do you make it happen? Well this is actually the easiest part. The last step is to open yourself up to receive the things that you have been putting out into the universe. After all of this prep work, if you are not open and observant to the things that are manifesting, you will not obtain your goal: doing what you love. So the things that you see that make you say, "you know that would be a wonderful way for me to..." or "gee, I was just thinking about that and here it is" or "wow, isn't it amazing", should all be cues that you are getting what you asked for. You just have to learn to look for it and be willing to implement it.

Oh, and the final step - remember to give thanks that you are receiving what you asked for. Showing gratitude goes a long way.

You too can be doing what you love.

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