Read just about any book on goal achievement or listen to any motivational speaker for more than a minute or two and I guarantee you’ll hear the phrase‘thoughts become things’ escape their lips at least once.

The whole ‘thoughts become things’…thing… has been repeated so often that it’s now a cliché. But what does it really mean and, more importantly, is it true?

Well, many people will tell you that it translates very literally. Every thought you ever had, are currently having or ever will have is alive and well somewhere in the universe just waiting to interact with something else, take solid form and manifest into our lives as a physical thing.

If you haven’t studied metaphysics it’s a difficult concept to grasp much less understand or believe but that’s what the thoughts become things want you to believe.

Is it true?

Well, given that no-one can either prove or disprove it by any means that scientists agree on being accurate, it’s a bit of a moot point. That said, we know from physics that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes form.

From this one perspective alone (assuming that what we know of physics is correct) then a thought is already a thing.
But can that thought energy be manipulated and used to bring what’s in your mind to life?

That’s the real question isn’t it?

Well, you only need to look around you for your answer!

Every single piece of clothing you’re wearing right now, every piece of jewellery, the house you’re standing in, the car in your driveway, all of it, every last thing started out as a thought in someone’s head yet now as you glance around you it’s a real thing in real life.

These thoughts have already become things, right?

But the thoughts become things crowd aren’t really using the statement in this way are they? They’re saying that any thought held for long enough in your mind must, by law, become that thing in reality.

“Think enough about earning a million dollars and it’s yours”.

That’s what they tell us.

And this is where they begin to fail.

Not because they’re wrong but because they’re not telling people the full story. There’s more to it than this.

If it were as simple as they’re telling us then 16 year old boys would be the happiest people on earth.

Just ask your average hot-blooded 16 year old boy what they’re thinking about and if they’re honest enough to answer they’ll tell you that they’re thinking of girls.

Doesn’t matter where they are, what they’re doing or who
they’re with, they’ve got girls on their mind in some way, shape or form.

By the law of thoughts becoming things the likelihood of this young man achieving his goal of manifesting at least one girl into his room is pretty high.

After all, he’s thinking about them all the time, he’s certainly desirous of having his goal come to life and his thoughts are so consistent and intense that he should practically be able to materialise a girl in front of him right now.

Yet that doesn’t happen does it?

Not for this teenage boy, not for the house you want or the car or the money either.

Here’s why.

Thoughts DON’T become things.

Thoughts CAN become things.


Don’t be, it’s pretty simple to understand.

It means this; just because you think about a thing, it doesn’t mean it will appear in your life. You think thousands of thoughts a day yet you don’t see them all magically appear around you do you? In fact, most of the things you think about don’t show up in your life at all.

But they could.

If you took the action required to turn a thought into a thing you could take any thought and bring it to life.

The best way to understand what I’m talking about is this.
Just because you bought all the ingredients for chocolate cake, it doesn’t mean you’ll be eating cake for dessert tonight does it?

There are things you have to do to take the pile of ingredients on your kitchen worktop into a gastronomic feast or they’ll simply remain ingredients won’t they?

You have to weigh, measure, mix and cook them in just a certain way before they make the transformation from ingredients to the end result of your intention, a delicious chocolate cake don’t you?

It doesn’t matter how much you think of the cake, how positive you are or anything else you may have read about bending the universe to your will, the truth is, as we understand the world right now, if you want to be eating cake after dinner tonight, you have to DO something to those ingredients.

Thinking alone just won’t cut it.

So too with turning your thoughts into things.

And the good news is that it’s a pretty simple process to make the transformation too.

It looks like this:
Thoughts ==>Feelings ==> Emotions ==> Actions ==> Results (Things)

Let me explain it a little more. This is six-year old simple. In fact, my kids have used this very same process themselves to achieve many of their own goals.

Thoughts when held long enough create feelings of some kind.

Feelings held long enough become emotions.

Emotions when intensified enough drive us to take certain actions.

Actions create reactions or, what we would call results or ‘things’.

Nothing too mind-shattering there is there? Hardly rocket science is it?

Yet don’t let the simplicity of this success ‘recipe’ fool you. It’s the most powerful thing you’ll ever learn in your lifetime. It’ll bring you anything you want!

If you apply this formula your thoughts will quite literally become things.

You’ll be able to achieve any goal you want. It works every single time without fail and it’ll work for you too as long as you apply it.

Here’s how.

1. Think about the think you desire as often as you can throughout each and every day. Remind yourself about how serious you are about having it come to life by writing it down on a card or piece of paper, carrying that card with you everywhere you go, reading it as often as you can and talking about the
goal to others.

2. Strengthen those thoughts by paying attention to how you feel about the goals. Make yourself positive, optimistic and truly excited by attaining it.

Remind yourself as often as possible that it’s not a matter of IF you will achieve your goal or not, but WHEN.

3. Strengthen your feeling about the goal by becoming truly passionate about having it come true in your life. Add as much emotion to the thoughts as you possibly can by listening to uplifting music, dancing, laughing and engaging in other positive experiences whilst thinking about them.

4. Use your passion for achieving the goal to motivate you into taking at least one small action toward it every day without fail.

5. Maintain a commitment to consistent action until the object of your goal is in your life and is now a ‘thing’ that you can see, hear, touch, taste or smell (of course, I don’t recommend tasting your new car…)

It doesn’t get any simple than that, does it?

Of course, you could just jump straight into the final step of taking action, a lot of people do, but you’d probably find that without the passion and emotion behind it the fuel required to keep you moving toward your goal will dry up and you’ll quit before you reach it.

Sound familiar?

It pretty much describes every diet and exercise experience that most people go through year after year, doesn’t it?

Let’s recap on what we’ve learned in this section…

Thoughts in a truly physical and metaphysical sense are already things. Trouble is, it’s difficult to manifest those things into our reality without a recipe that involves an element of taking action. You can try to manifest your dreams into your reality just by thinking about them but… you might be waiting a while.

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