Most publishers would say they care about what is happening to the economy if for no other reason than the current downturn affects the number of books they sell and the profits they can realize. Yet, there are a few publishing companies who go a step further and demonstrate how much they care by making their customers' reading experience as pleasurable and low cost as possible.

The smarter independent publishers are taking advantage of the trend to Internet sales of books--fiction and nonfiction--to provide readers with inexpensive e-books that can give them the type of literary experience they desire on a budget they can afford.

These publishing innovators are eliminating printing costs to provide their customers with a low cost alternative to the printed book, and combining it with the convenience of an instant download. Read what you want almost instantly.

As the ever-advancing technology of our age makes it possible now to download e-books to cell phones and other hand-held instruments, the rush to the Internet by publishers and authors will only increase exponentially. This innovation allows forward-thinking publishers to provide readers on the go with a worthwhile, time efficient, literary experience that accommodates busy schedules.

Although publishers are stuck with the considerable expense of editing, layout and cover design, eliminating the printing and return book costs that drive up all book prices in the long run goes a long way toward increasing the reading public's buying power, especially in troubled financial times like these.

In this new and ever-changing world of ours some things don’t change, and greed is no longer so easily disguised or dismissed. Charging whatever the bean counters think the market will bear for any product simply to please the shareholders of the corporation gives the entirely wrong impression and may spell disaster in the near future. Publishers of all sizes should recognize the financial difficulties facing readers everywhere and take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate where their loyalties truly lie--to their customers--by offering unique entertainment, information and escape in e-Books.

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