Parents and the home environment are the most important parts of the equation of a well rounded education. It is in the home that the love of learning for learning’s sake takes place. Babies are born eager to learn, create, touch, explore and investigate their world. We want to offer an environment that plays on the natural curiosity of the child, not for the end result of a grade or completion of a task, but rather for the life long process of the joy of learning.

Make wisdom the goal, rather than education

As parents we encourage or discourage the natural bent to learn, by the ways we relate to children and their activities. Natural learning will blossom and grow exponentially when it is stimulated, fostered and enjoyed not only by the child but by the whole family.

Knowledge has been called stuffing and training the brain to pass a test, but in order to acquire a love of learning and an inquisitive mind, we must also stress wisdom. Wisdom is not just about facts, figures and high letter grades. Rather, it is about evaluating the knowledge and applying what you have learned to the world around us. Those who are wise are able to deal with the future with vision and understanding. The big picture is for children to understand the inner-connectedness of all things.

Take the pressure off grade point average

Wise parents encourage children to excel by finding their own niche and discovering how, when, where and why they learn Not everyone learns and retains information the same way. Helping children discover their own learning style is a great gift. We need to have a positive attitude about learning and feeling secure in with choices. Not everyone is interested in gaining entrance to a prestigious college. Many intelligent and talented people use their wisdom to add to the world in different ways.
While we encourage children to do their best, we want to help our them to know their worth is not found in a grade, or score on a SAT exam any more than the number on the scale indicates the true picture of how healthy or attractive we are. Scores are only marks on a page and true enlightenment and wisdom comes from internal sources, not external numbers.

Offer a broad foundation of knowledge and wisdom will follow

Parents have the privilege and responsibility to share the world with their children by offering a background on a variety of subjects. Those who have been exposed to the wonderful world of books, theater, and diversity, will find school easier and more interesting than those who do not.
Respectful conversations about life’s everyday experiences as well as world events can create an atmosphere of curiosity and interest. Helping children find answers to questions or dig deeper for more information increases their sense of value and confidence.

Parents are the most important teachers

Once again, children are born ready to learn not necessarily to ace tests and get A’s. We need to help them channel their learning and to understand while it is nice to get good grades, it is not always an indication of what they know. Our love is unconditional and has nothing to do with report cards.

Teach the child to love learning and good grades will probably be a by product. If they do their best each day, turn in homework, do extra credit assignments but still don’t get an A, please be satisfied with their efforts. If they process what they have learned and use it to understand their place in the world and bless others, then they are defiantly a winner.

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Judy H. Wright lives and loves in beautiful Montana. She is the author of over 20 books dealing with human relations from birth to death. She is a respected personal historian and popular international speaker. She is known as "Auntie Artichoke, the story telling trainer." Please contact her for a fun filled staff or organizational training at or by calling 406.549.9813