It is just amazing the amount of people who don't have the
courage to go after their dreams.They sit around living a life
they are not happy with and still they do nothing about it.

And the funny thing is that if you should ask them the reason
for this, they start finding excuses left, right and center.They
vary from money to age to the economy and others you might be
familiar with.

Many of us are waiting for Lady Luck to pay us a surprise
visit.We blindly believe that that will be the end of our
troubles.But this is hardly so.We have to work hard and wisely
for the success we desire.

To make something of ourselves in this world calls for us to
overcome obstacles and setbacks.But my biggest obstacle is my
fears and you may find yourself in a similar position.

Not facing our fears and moving on could be the difference
between success and failure.So what's to do ?

All it takes is the will and guts to go ahead and create
something worthwhile in this world.We can all achieve success
but we need to conquer our FEARS.

The man without fear is one who is not living. We all have our
personal fears. It can be fear of failure, success or people's
opinion. But you have to face them to achieve success.

Ask any successful person and they will tell you this secret. A
brave person is someone who acts in spite of his or her
fears.So ask yourself, what fears do you need to conquer to
reach your goals ?

To your success and mine....... ,


© Nicholas Dixon

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