Howdy folks, today I would like to speak to you about the
journey to success. Potholes on that road to be more exact. Success
is the one thing that everyone aspires to attain in life. But for
many it has been very elusive, leaving them to believe it is
a matter of luck or a gift. Success can be achieved by all, but
knowing how to achieve it puzzles many. Here are a few potholes on
your journey:

(1) People: During your journey, people's opinions will have a
positive or negative impact on you.Some may say your dreams
are not worth trying for, or may want to discourage you. Others
will support and believe in your endeavors. The choice of which
you will pay attention belongs to you.

(2) Time: Time can be your friend or something that make your
dreams slip away. It is important to use your work time positively,
creatively and consistently to achieve success. Don't waste your
time doing too much things that don't produce results. To get
where you want to go, you need to practice efficient time
management skills.

(3) Knowledge: The possession of sufficient knowledge and
know-how is critical to you. But having this knowledge is useless
if it is not put to use. Remember, knowledge is potential power;
the use of it is power. Learn all you can about your career, the
latest trends, market changes etc. But always remember to put
your knowledge to good use.

(4) You: Yes You!! A lot of people don't realise how much
control they have over their destiny. Yes, things might happen
that we don't want or can't understand. But the use of positive
thoughts and mindset is key. Look at the truly positive people
around you, do they act or think negatively? I don't think so!
Try not to procrastinate too much. Work consistently and
persistently on your goals to achieve success.

That's it! The following are just a few dreamslayers you need to
be aware of. Success can be achieved by all, but remembering
these pointers will bring you much closer to it.

To your success and mine.....,


©2003 Nicholas Dixon

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