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Hello again to you my loyal readers.My very first article which I published sometime last year dealt with the topic of positive thinking and success.Today I am going to talk to you about your dreams and what they mean to your life's purpose.I am going to give you a glimpse into my life and how the before-mentioned topic relates to me.

In the year 2000 , I suddenly had this crazy idea that I was going to learn to build websites.The idea just sprang “out of the blue” and I did not know a single thing about what I was getting into.Somehow I got the money to pay for the web design course that I needed to do , and three months later I finished the course and my first website (determination).

During this period of time , I was laughed at and ridiculed by some of my co-workers who thought that my new field of endeavor was a crackpot.I even gave up on myself for a few months just to ease the tension and to avert the criticisms.Eventually , I came around to and decided that I was going to do it and follow things through no matter what (courage).

For period of three years , I marketed my website ( without a computer of my own) from obscurity to the top of the search engines.You may be asking yourself , “how did he do it “ ? I spent my lunch hour (most of it !!) and any free time that I got to work on it , day after day without any visible signs of progress (persistence).

Then it began.Six months after hours of tedious work , I broke into the top ten for the search term “Mandeville , Jamaica”.I was elated by that achievement , because of the obstacles that I had faced and because most of my competitors were the “big boys”. A few months later I won an award for the work that I did on my website and to top it all – a number 1 (# 1 ) listing in Google , Yahoo and AOL.This was accomplished by overcoming many obstacles along the way most of which I just ran right over.

This experience taught me a lot about life and how I should follow my dreams through to end.So my friends in whatever you are striving for at this very moment and you are not seeing any results , push on.Because once you do so success WILL come , it's just a matter of time.Keep on hanging in there , my brothers and sisters and I will see you at the bank.Remember , life always goes in favor of the brave and action taker.What action are you taking today to achieve your goals ?

To your success and mine ,

Nicholas Dixon

Author's Bio: 

Nicholas Dixon is the Webmaster/CIO for the Oceanroc family of websites.A positive minded individual in his early twenties , Nicholas believes in striving to be the best of one's self in this world.His mission for you his readers , is for you to feel the same way about yourself.You can visit his online store at WWW.Cafeshops.com/Oceanroc.